The Window

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  • Published: 17 Jul 2013
  • Updated: 17 Jul 2013
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The Window; Happy couples of 5 years, Kim and Harry are finally graduating from High School. Both has been together since the 7th grade and are neighbors. When graduation comes, news broke out that Harry was marrying another girl from out of town. With the wedding planned and everything for the Summer, Kim is out of her league and doesn't know what to do.


3. 1.3

Anne: Harry! 

Harry: *walks out his room* Yeah? 

Anne: Why was Kim over? 

Vickie: Anne you heard her, she said she came over to tell Harry that she was gonna cook for us tonight. 

Harry: Yeah, that's all she said. 

Anne: Ok. *leaves to her room* 

Daphne: *rings the doorbell*  

Kim: *opens the door and smiles* Daphne! I'm glad you're here, where's the rest of the family? 

Daphne: They're coming, I just thought I'll come and help you. *smiles* 

Kim: *fakes a smile upset* You know, instead of cooking, how about we go out and eat together yeah? 

Daphne: Oh, that's even better. *smiles big* I'll go tell my mother. *leaves* 

Kim: *annoyed* How is that you're gonna go from someone mature to immature. *closes the door* 

Vickie: That's great! Let's go. *smiles*  

Anne: Ok. *fakes a smile* 

Kim: So? Are we gonna go or? 

Vickie: Let's take my car, it'll fit us all. 

Kim: I'll rather drive there myself. 

Vickie: My car will fit. You three in the back and Anne and I will sit in the front. 

Harry: Yeah, let's just do that. 

Kim: *looks at harry and sighs* 

Daphne: C'mon. *grabs harrys hand* 

Harry: *smiles at daphne* 

Kim: *looks and gets jealous* 

Anne: Alright, we're here. 

Vickie: *takes out her wallet* 

Kim: I got it!  

Vickie: *looks at kim* 

Kim: *look at everyone and fakes a smile/chuckle* I mean I'll pay for everyone, since I planned it out. 

Harry: *grabs kims wallet* I'll pay. *takes out his wallet and gives the cashier his card* Five adults. 

Kim: Harry. 

Harry: Don't, you don't need to pay for us. 

Kim: Well I can pay for myself then. 

Harry: *takes his card* It's already done. *walks off* 

Daphne: *finishes eating* Thank you so much for taking us out to eat Kim; you are the sweetest and nicest girl ever. I wish we can be friends. *smiles* 

Kim: *laughs* Friends? You're not gonna want to be my friend Daphne. *grabs her cup and drinks from the straw* 

Harry: *chuckles* 

Daphne: What? *fakes a chuckle* 

Harry: Kim, you look like you're teasing her. *smiling* 

Kim: *sigh* Maybe or maybe I'm not.  

Harry: *gives kim a serious look* 

Kim: I'm really glad I got to know you guys, but I forgot, I have to be somewhere, I'm gonna take a taxi back home and get my car. 

Harry: I'll walk you out. 

Kim: No, I can do it myself. 

Harry: It's dangerous out there. 

Kim: Harry, no. *grabs her purse and walks off* 

Daphne: You seem to be really close with her. 

Harry: You notice that? 

Daphne: She said you two went to middle school and graduated high school together, but she never mentioned that you two were close. 

Harry: We're not, trust me. 

Anne: Alright, are we ready to go? 

Vickie: Yeah we are. 

Kim: *sits on the couch* 

Harry: *knocks on kims door* 

Kim: Who is it? 

Harry: It's me. 

Kim: *walks to the door* What do you want? 

Harry: I want to talk. 

Kim: About? 

Harry: My wedding. 

Kim: I don't want! To hear about your wedding! 

Harry: It's gonna be tomorrow now. 

Kim: *gets more hurt/opens the door* Why'd you guys move it to that day? 

Harry: Oh, so you decided to open the door after all. 

Kim: Answer me!  

Harry: Because my mom's looking for a place for us four. 

Kim: Us four? 

Harry: My mom, me, Daphne, and her mom. 

Kim: Oh? Well um, where exactly are you moving to? 

Harry: I don't know, but I hope not far from you. 

Kim: *about to cry* 

Daphne: *jumps out of nowhere* Boo! 

Harry: *gets scared* Whoa! 

Kim: *quickly wipes her tears* 

Daphne: What happened? 

Kim: *fakes a smile* Harry came over to tell me that you guys pushed the wedding to tomorrow. *smiles* 

Daphne: Yeah, we did, why are you crying? 

Kim: *cries* I'm just happy for you two. I really am *smiles in tears*  

Daphne: Aw, well thank you Kim. *hugs kim* You really are the sweetest person on earth. 

Kim: You see Daphne, I lost someone that meant the world to me, but I have accept the fact that he'll no longer be mine, so all I have to do is move on and be happy with life. *chuckles* 

Daphne: Aw, I'm sorry, what happened if I may know? 

Kim: Let's just say he found someone new. *looks at harry* 

Harry: *looks away upset* 

Daphne: Aw, well you're really beautiful, I'm sure you'll find someone in no time. *smiles* 

Kim: Take really good care of Harry because he's a really and I mean really great guy. 

Daphne: Yeah he is I know him since I was five. *chuckles* 

Kim: *fakes a smile* Well um, best of luck and many, many wishes for you and your soon to be husband. *chuckles with tears* 

Daphne: *smiling* Ok. 

Kim: *chuckles* Bye. 

Daphne: *grabs harry hand* Bye. *walks off* 

Harry: *let's go of daphne's hand/turns back and hugs kim* Thank You. *hugs kim tighter* 

Kim: *cries on harrys shoulder* 

Daphne: *gives a confuse look* 

Harry: Goodnight Kim. *smiles and puts his arms around daphne and walks off* 

Kim: *closes the door/leans against it and really cries* 

Daphne: She must be really hurt? 

Harry: I totally understand her point. 

Daphne: Why? 

Harry: Um, I just do. *chuckles* 

Kim: *gets mad from crying and knocks down vases and things/cont. crying from being mad* 

Daphne: I'm gonna go to bed, I'll see you in the morning. 

Harry: *smiles softly* Ok. 

Daphne: *kisses harry on the cheek* Goodnight. 

Harry: Goodnight Daphne. 

Daphne: I love you. *smiles* 

Harry: *smiles* 

Kim: *sitting against the front door in the dark crying* 

Harry: *wakes up and looks at daphne in his arms* 

Kim: *walks to her window and opens the blinds* 

Harry: *moves his arm/gets out of bed and walks to his window* 

Kim: *crying/looking at harry* 

Harry: *puts his hands on the window* 

Kim: *puts her hand against the window* 

Harry: *mouths* I need you. 

Kim: *cries some more* 

Daphne: *wakes up* Harry? 

Harry: *looks at daphne* 

Kim: *gets sad and walks away from the window* 

Harry: *looks back and kim and doesn't see her*  

Daphne: What are you looking at? 

Harry: I couldn't sleep. 

Daphne: *wraps her arms around harry* Awh, why? 

Harry: We're gonna be married. *smiles sad* 

Daphne: I'm excited are you? 

Harry: Very. 

Daphne: Let's get some sleep. *pulls harry to the bed* 

Harry: *looks out the window hoping to see kim* 

(The Next Day) 

Daphne: My moms and I are gonna go for a last minute shopping, we'll be back ok. 

Harry: *smiles* Ok. 

Daphne: *leaves* 

Harry: *opens his window and sees kim* 

Kim: *sitting on her bed writing in her journal* 

Harry: *tries to get kims attention* 

Kim: *sees and opens her window* 

Harry: Hi. *smiles* 

Kim: What do you want? 

Harry: Can you come out? I want to talk to you for the last time. 

Kim: *nods and closes her window* 

Harry: *mets kim outside/hugs her* I miss you so much babe. 

Kim: I miss you too. 

Harry: I really don't want to marry Daphne Kim. I can't see a future with her, I only want you and only you. 

Kim: *smiles sad* I really wish you were marrying me, but *takes a deep breath* I guess I'll just have to move on and be happy for you and your bride to be. 

Harry: *grabs kims hand* Promise to never leave my side no matter what. 

Kim: *moves her hand* Harry, you're gonna be a husband any hour now. And someday, you're gonna be a father. I can't promise you that I'll be here by your side forever, but just remember, I'll be here when you need me. 

Harry: I need you now, always, and forever will. 

Kim: *tries not to cry* Harry, you can't do this! You're getting married tonight! 

Harry: I know and it's to someone I don't even have interest in or love. 

Kim: But you once did Harry, so reconnect it and relive it with her. 

Harry: How'd? Who told you? 

Kim: Daphne. 

Harry: You didn't tell her about us did you? 

Kim: No, I'm gonna let her find out herself. 

Harry: *keeps silent* Ok. 

Kim: I have to go in now. 

Harry: Wait! 

Kim: What? 

Harry: Can I have a last kiss? 

Kim: *walks up to harry and kisses him* 

Harry: *grabs kim by the face and really kisses her* 

Kim: *moves back* Harry! 

Harry: I'm sorry, I just... I really needed that. 

Kim: *stands in silence* 

Harry: I'm gonna really miss that. 

Kim: *runs off* 

Harry: *stands in silence* 

Kim: *closes the door and leans on it/cries* 

Harry: *walks back in the house* 

Kim: *jumps onto her bed and cries on her pillow* 

Harry: *sits on the couch and does some thinking* 

Anne: *opens the door* Harry? 

Harry: Mom. 

Anne: Can you help with the stuff in the car? 

Harry: Yeah. *gets up* 

Daphne: *smiles* I'm excited for tonight, are you? 

Harry: *with no spirit* I'm excited. 

Daphne: Then smile. *smiles big* 

Harry: *fakes a smile* 

Daphne: There it is. *chuckling* 

Harry: *chuckles softly* 

(Later That Night) 

Family/Friends: *arrives* 

Kim: *stares out the window feeling hurt with mix emotions* 

Harry: *goes and grabs the ring and sees kim* 

Kim: *gives harry a hurt/jealous face* 

Harry: *picks up the ring and smiles sad at kim* 

Kim: *steps back a bit/heart beating fast* 

Harry: *makes a sad face and walks away from the window* 

Kim: *leans against the window and slides down to the floor and sits again the wall* 

Daphne: I do. *smiles* 

Father: Do you Harry take Daphne to be your beloved wife until death does you parts? 

Harry: *stands in silence* I, I do. 

Father: I now pronounce you as husband and wife. 

Family/Friends: *cheers/celebrates* 

Kim: *hears and cries* 

Harry: *smiles at daphne hurt* 

Daphne: I love you. *smiles* 

Harry: *fakes a smile* 

Kim: *gets up quickly and stares out the window crying* 

Harry: *about to close the blinds and sees kim crying* 

Kim: *stares at harry* 

Harry: *feels bad* 

Kim: *walks away from the window* 

Harry: *runs out the house and bangs on the door* 

Kim: *opens the door*  

Harry: *hugs kim* 

Kim: *crying* What are you doing here? It's your wedding. 

Harry: I can't go back Kim. I love you, seeing you like this hurts me *cries* and I know it hurts you 100 times more. 

Kim: *cries harder* You're married now Harry, you can't be here with me anymore. *tries to hold in her tears, but fails* You can't be seen with me. 

Harry: *crying* I can't let you go. 

Daphne: *sees harry and kim/hides and listens* 

Kim: You, you have to move on and live the married life now Harry. Daphne and you are now wife and husband. *sniffs* You both are married and... *cries* and all I can do is stay here and watch and *crackles in tears* 

Harry: *hugs kim* No, don't say that babe.  

Kim: I have to be strong, I have to move on and, and he happy right? It's what you wanted me to be right? Happy, I can be happy Harry. *chuckles in tears* I done it before, I can do it again. *cries* But I can't because I'm hurt, I'm scarred, and I'm broken by this unexpected wedding of yours.  

Harry: I never wanted to marry her. You think I'm just gonna waste five years of our relationship away? No! *cries* It's not like that Kim! I'm in love with you still and I would never love anyone like I did with you! *wipes his tears* Who am I kidding Kim. I can't keep faking this not knowing you in front of Daphne and her mom. I love you Kim; I love you so much that it hurts me just knowing you cry yourself to sleep every night. I don't want that to happen anymore, it's time I come clean and tell them the truth. 

Daphne: *gasp/runs back to the house* 

Vickie: What happened? 

Daphne: Nothing mom, we just need to leave. 

Vickie: Honey, what happened? 

Daphne: *cries* Why didn't you tell me Kim was Harry's love! 

Anne: I beg your pardon? 

Daphne: *crying* I heard there conversation!  

Harry: *walks in the house* What's going on? 

Daphne: *crying* I can't be married to you Harry. I know why you been acting so strange and always look out the window and is always with Kim. I get it now, it all makes sense to me now. 

Harry: What does? 

Daphne: Kim is your girlfriend isn't she? 

Harry: *feels bad* Yeah she is Daphne and I love her. 

Daphne: *cries* 

Harry: I'm sorry you had to hear that, but I really do love Kim and I would do anything to be with her right now. 

Daphne: *crying* Then go! Forget this wedding and forget we even know eachother! *runs to the room* 

Harry: *feels bad* 

Vickie: Honey! *runs after daphne* 

Anne: What did you do Harry!? 

Harry: I had to mom; I couldn't hold it in anymore! You know I had to! 

Anne: I'm very disappointed with you right now Harry Styles. 

Harry: Good! Because I won't be staying her tonight! *leaves* 

Anne: Harry! 

Harry: *bangs on the door* 

Kim: *opens the door* 

Harry: *lifts kim up and kisses her* 

Kim: Harry? 

Harry: *put kim down* I'm sorry, I just... 

Kim: *attacks harry by kissing him* 

Harry: *drags kim to her room* 

Daphne: *looks out the window and sees harry and kim* 

Harry: *kisses kim romantically* 

Daphne: *sees and gets hurt* 

Vickie: Is that Harry kissing Kim? 

Daphne: *cries* We need to leave tonight mom. *grabs her stuff and shoves it in her bag* 

Anne: Wait! Where are you guys going? 

Vickie: We're leaving Anne!  

Anne: No please, we can talk it out!  

Vickie: No! Our friendship is over Anne! I can't believe I let you and your son hurt my daughter! *gets in the car and drives off* 

Kim: *laying in harrys arm holding his other hand* 

Harry: I love you Kim. 

Kim: I love you too Harry. *smiles* 

Harry: *pulls kim closer to him* 

Kim: *cuddles up against harry* 

Harry: *kisses kim* 

Kim: *kisses harry back*

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