The Window

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  • Published: 17 Jul 2013
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The Window; Happy couples of 5 years, Kim and Harry are finally graduating from High School. Both has been together since the 7th grade and are neighbors. When graduation comes, news broke out that Harry was marrying another girl from out of town. With the wedding planned and everything for the Summer, Kim is out of her league and doesn't know what to do.


2. 1.2

Kathleen: Kim? 

Kim: Yeah. 

Kathleen: Are you ok? 

Kim: Please just leave me alone. 

Kathleen: I actually came to tell you that I was leaving. 

Kim: What?! 

Kathleen: Yeah, my ride is here. I have to get to the airport. 

Kim: *hugs Kathleen* 

Kathleen: *hugs kim back* I love you honey. 

Kim: Please come home soon. 

Kathleen: I will baby. 

Kim: *moves her arms and looks at Kathleen* 

Kathleen: I'll be back for Christmas. 

Kim: *hurt/fakes a smile* Ok. 

Kathleen: *kisses kim forehead and leaves* 

Kim: *cries silently* 

(Later That Night) 

Kim: *throwing out the trash and sees a car* 

Vickie: *gets out the car and smiles at kim* 

Kim: *smiles back and walks back to the house* 

Vickie: C'mon Daphne, we're here. 

Kim: *hears* Daphne? *looks at the car again* 

Daphne: *gets out the car* 

Kim: *shocked* 

Daphne: *smiles at kim* Hi. 

Kim: *fakes a smile and walks to her house upset* 

Daphne: Rude. 

Vickie: *rings the doorbell* 

Kim: *peeks through the window* 

Anne: *opens the door* Vickie! *hugs her and smiles* Hi Daphne, how are you? You look so beautiful. 

Daphne: *smiles* Thank you mom. 

Anne: Awh. *smiles* Harry's in his room, I'll go get him. 

Harry: *laying on his bed* 

Anne: Harry, Daphne and her mom are here. 

Harry: *sits up quickly* What? 

Anne: Come down when you're ready. *leaves the room* 

Harry: *opens his blind and looks out his window* 

Kim: *crying on her bed* 

Harry: *makes a sad face and walks out his room* 

Daphne: Harry! *smiles and hugs harry* 

Harry: *stares at daphne*  

Daphne: Harry? 

Anne: You're beauty shocked him. *chuckles* 

Vickie: *chuckles* 

Harry: Hi. 

Daphne: So, I'm sure your mother told you right? 

Harry: Yeah she did, she told me that... me and you are getting *silent* married. *smiles* 

Daphne: Aren't you excited? 

Harry: *looks at anne* Yeah, I am. *smiles* 

Daphne: *hugs harry* My mom and I are gonna spend the rest of the week here til our wedding, so we can get to know eachother and get use to eachother. *smiles* 

Harry: Yeah, I, um, that's awesome. 

Vickie: Harry, you weren't this shy when we last saw you, what happened? 

Harry: Nothing, it's just. *chuckles* This was unexpected. 

Daphne: Unexpected? 

Harry: I meant like you guys coming here to surprise my mom and I. *laughs* 

Vickie: Yes, we planned it. *smiles* 

Harry: Awesome. *looks away* 

Kim: *texts harry* Congrats and good luck with your future, she's beautiful. 

Harry: *phone vibs/reads his text* 

Anne: Harry, why don't you show Daphne you're room. 

Harry: *not paying attention* 

Anne: And bring her stuff into your room* 

Harry: What? 

Daphne: *laughs* You're mom wants you to bring my stuff to your room and show me your room. 

Harry: My, my room? You're gonna sleep in my room? 

Anne: Of course honey, Daphne and you are gonna share a bed.  

Vickie: Better get use to it son. *smiles* 

Harry: *fakes a smile* Yeah. *grabs daphne's bags and makes an upset face walking off* Well this is my room. *sets the stuff down* 

Daphne: Wow, it's a big room. I think we should set the baby crib in that corner yeah? 

Harry: *laughs* The baby crib? 

Daphne: Yeah. 

Harry: You're pregnant? 

Daphne: No, I mean when you and I try for one.  

Harry: *laughs* I'm sorry; I'm not in a rush to have a child. I'm gonna go to college and finish it first. 

Daphne: *sits on the bed* Well then go for it, I'll stay home and watch the baby. *smiles* 

Harry: *gets uncomfortable* Yeah, I guess we can do that too. 

Daphne: *unbuttons her shirt* 

Harry: I'll get out so you can change. *walks out the room* 

Daphne: *changes* 

Harry: *texts kim back* How'd you meet her? 

Kim: *texts harry back* I was outside when they arrived. 

Harry: I'm sorry. 

Kim: Take care. 

Harry: Don't. 

Kim: *discards text* 

Daphne: *walks out the room* So what are we having for dinner? 

Anne: I made your favorite actually. 

Daphne: *smiles big* Really? Oh how great mom.  

Anne: Are you hungry? I can set up the table. 

Daphne: Yes, let's invite that girl over. 

Anne: What girl? *looks at harry* 

Harry: Who? 

Daphne: She lives next door I think, she was outside when we arrived.  

Anne: Oh her. 

Daphne: Yes, I think she's really beautiful, do you think she'll want to be my bridesmaid? 

Vickie: Honey, it's just a small private one here, we don't need a lot of people here. 

Harry: Wait, we're getting married here?! 

Anne: It was a last minute change. 

Harry: Mom! I mean, mom, that's great. *fakes a chuckle mad* 

Daphne: I'll go get her, care to come husband. *smiles* 

Harry: Um, maybe she's sleeping already. 

Daphne: Oh don't be silly, it's only eight. 

Harry: Or perhaps she already ate? 

Daphne: Don't be rude, let's invite her. *walks out the house* 

Anne: *looks at harry and daphne leave* 

Vickie: Daphne's right, that girl is really pretty. 

Anne: Yeah she is, so is her mother. 

Vickie: Should we invite her mother over too? 

Anne: Her mother is never home. 

Vickie: Oh busy working? 

Anne: Yes, her mother is the assistant for our governor. 

Vickie: How'd she? 

Anne: Beautiful, attractive, easy opening for her to get the job. 

Vickie: I see. 

Daphne: *rings the doorbell* 

Kim: Who is it? 

Harry: It's me. 

Daphne: Don't be rude, it's Harry and Daphne Styles. 

Kim: *gets upset/opens the door and fakes a smile* Well hello Mr. and Mrs. Styles. 

Daphne: Hi, sorry to bug you, but we met earlier? 

Kim: Oh yeah, we did uh huh. 

Daphne: Well not really, but I wanted to invite you over for dinner. *smiles* 

Kim: I'm not hungry. *looks at harry* 

Daphne: Well still, come join us. *smiles* 

Kim: No thank you really. 

Daphne: Would you like to be my bridesmaid? 

Kim: Uh? 

Harry: You don't have to, it's just for family. 

Kim: *fakes a smile mad* I'm sorry, I have to go, I'm cooking something in the oven. *closes the door and leans on it* 

Daphne: Maybe tomorrow. *smiles and walks off* 

Harry *looks at the door and then leaves* 

Kim: *tries hard not to cry* 

Vickie: She didn't come? 

Daphne: She said... 

Harry: She's already cooking. 

Vickie: Great, then we'll just bring out food over and eat at her place. 

Harry: I don't think she'll like that. 

Vickie: Why not? I mean she better get use to us being here because we're gonna be here for a while. 

Harry: I'm sure. 

Vickie: Ok, whatever you say son. 

Daphne: *finishes eating* Mm, that was really good mom, thanks so much for dinner. *gets up and hugs anne* 

Anne: Oh? *chuckles* You're welcome honey. 

Daphne: I'm gonna go to bed, goodnight! *leaves* 

Anne: I'll clean up. *smiles* 

Harry: Vickie, can you give us a minute? 

Vickie: Oh yeah, sure. *leaves* 

Anne: Harry, not now. 

Harry: She's too comfortable here. 

Anne: She's gonna be your wife, she's doing a great job so far. 

Harry: She's acting immature and I don't like that. 

Anne: She's just making herself feel at home, have a little faith in her please. 

Harry: I want out. 

Anne: Harry! 

Harry: I do. 

Anne: Then you tell her and her mother! 

Harry: *leaves the kitchen* 

Daphne: Hey. *smiles* 

Harry: *closes his door* Listen Daphne. I know you're excited that we're getting married in two weeks, but there's something I want to say. 

Daphne: Should I be concerned? 

Harry: Maybe? 

Daphne: Go. 

Harry: If you want to be married, you have to mature. 

Daphne: I am aren't I? 

Harry: By that I mean clean up after yourself, help around the house, and if you want to be my wife, you're gonna have to have a lot of manners and respect. 

Daphne: Yeah of course babe, I'll do that once we get married. I'm just trying to warm up you know. I am just as nervous as you are. *chuckles* 

Harry: Yeah, I know. 

Daphne: What happened to you? We use to be so close and talked all day and night and stare at eachother and now you can't even look or talk to me. 

Harry: It's just it's been seven years Daphne. I can't just act like I did back then like if we saw eachother yesterday. 

Daphne: I know, but can we just pretend. I mean you're still cute, but this time you are hot with it. 

Harry: *chuckles* Thanks. 

Daphne: *smiles* So should we try for a baby tonight? 

Harry: What?! No, Daphne, what are you doing? We're friends, good friends, I can't sleep with... 

Daphne: We're getting married in less than a month. 

Harry: I know, but... Daphne, you always been my friend and I can't picture myself marrying you. 

Daphne: So you want to call off the wedding? 

Harry: No. It's just; I'm use to you being my friend. I can't accept you as my wife; it's just weird you know? 

Daphne: Yeah, I had that feeling when our moms talked about it, but then I got over it and now here I am, comfortable and just can't wait for the wedding. *smiles big* 

Harry: *fakes a smile* I'll sleep on the couch tonight. 

Daphne: No, your bed is big enough for us. What is this? *about to grabs the picture frame* 

Harry: Don't! *runs and grabs the picture frame* You can't look at that. 

Daphne: *chuckles* What is it? 

Harry: It's just an old high school picture. 

Daphne: I want to see it. *smiles* 

Harry: No, not this one. It's ugly, you won't like it. 

Daphne: If it was ugly then you wouldn't have bought it and put it up. Correct? 

Harry: It's only ok for me to see. *looks at the picture* 

Daphne: Ok, well I'm gonna go to bed, come join when you're ready. 

Harry: Yeah.  

Daphne: *goes under the cover* 

Harry: *leaves and puts the frame in a safe* 

Anne: What are you doing? 

Harry: I can't have her stay in my room. I need to clean it. 

Anne: Clean it? Isn't it already... oh no. 

Harry: Uh yeah mom. 

Anne: I'll take them out shopping tomorrow so you can clean out your room. 

Harry: Ok.  

Anne: Go get some sleep. 

Harry: *walks to his room/stands by his window* 

Kim: *walks in her room and sees harry/walks towards the window* 

Harry: *smiles sad* 

Kim: *hurt* 

Harry: *grabs a paper and writes on it and puts it against the window* "I love you." 

Kim: *grabs a paper and writes on it and puts it against the window* "Goodnight." 

Harry: *sets down the paper* 

Kim: *closes her blinds* 

Harry: *looks at daphne sleeping* 

Kim: *turns off the lights and goes to bed* 

Daphne: *sees the paper and smiles* Awh. *looks at harry* I love you too. *opens the blinds* Rise and shine babe! *chuckles* 

Harry: *wakes up* Close the blinds! 

Daphne: Why? It's morning, wake up. Why didn't you sleep on the bed? 

Harry: *picking up the blankets from the floor* 

Kim: *opens her blinds and sees harry* 

Daphne: *hugs harry from behind* 

Kim: *gets hurt* 

Harry: *turns to look at daphne and sees kim* 

Kim: *catches harry staring at her and closes her blinds quickly* 

Harry: *looks at daphne and smiles* 

Daphne: I love you too Harry. 

Harry: *thinks for a second* Oh? Yeah. 

Daphne: *smiles happy* 

Harry: *feels confused* 

Anne: *knocks on the door* 

Daphne: Come in. 

Anne: *opens the door* Hey Daphne, let's go shopping. 

Daphne: Perfect. C'mon babe. 

Anne: Actually, I mean us girls. 

Daphne: Oh ok then. *smiles* 

Anne: We'll be back later. 

Harry: Yeah. 

Daphne: *gets ready* 

Kim: *walks to her car and sees daphne* 

Daphne: Hi! *walks over to kim* 

Kim: Hi. 

Daphne: I'm Daphne, Harry's soon to be wife. I'm sure you know him right? 

Kim: Yeah, I know him. *fakes a smile* Congrats. 

Daphne: Thanks. Would you like to be a guest or my bridesmaid? 

Kim: I prefer none. 

Daphne: C'mon, you're young, you look like you know how to have a fun time. Be the host. 

Kim: The host? No, I'm sorry. I... I can't attend. 

Daphne: Oh are you doing something that day? 

Kim: Maybe, I don't know yet. 

Daphne: Well if you don't have anything planned that day, please come. *smiles* 

Kim: Yeah. 

Vickie: Daph? 

Daphne: I'm over here. 

Vickie: Oh, hi. *smiles* 

Kim: *fakes a smile* Hi. 

Vickie: I'm Vickie; you must be the girl my daughter was trying to invite over last night right? 

Kim: Yes, I'm Kim. 

Anne: Vickie? Daphne, what are you guys doing over here? 

Vickie: We were talking to Kim, did you want to go shopping with us? 

Kim: Actually, I was on my way to deliver my papers at UC. 

Daphne: Hey Harry's going there. *chuckles* Do you two know eachother? 

Kim: We actually went to middle school and graduated high school together and now we're both attending college together. 

Daphne: I think I'm gonna apply there, should I? 

Kim: I really don't care. *fakes a chuckle* I have to go. *walks off* 

Anne: It was nice seeing you Kim. 

Kim: *smiles and gets into her car* 

Anne: Alright, let's go. 

Harry: *puts all his picture of him and kim away/calls kim* 

Kim: Hello? 

Harry: Are you home? 

Kim: I'm on my way home why? 

Harry: Can you come over? 

Kim: Are your family home. 

Harry: No. 

Kim: Then I'm outside. *hangs up* 

Harry: *opens the door* Hey. *smiles* 

Kim: Save it. What do you want? 

Harry: I need help. 

Kim: With? 

Harry: Putting our pictures... 

Kim: I ripped and burned all ours. 

Harry: What? 

Kim: Yeah, except for the ones I really like. I saved them in an storage. 

Harry: Oh? Well umm... 

Kim: I have to get home, I can't be here. *turns to leaves* 

Harry: *grabs kims arms quickly* 

Kim: *looks at her hand* 

Harry: *pulls kim and kisses her* 

Kim: *stares at harry and then kisses him* Goodbye Harry. 

Harry: Please don't do this Kim. You know how much this hurts me to do this to you. 

Kim: No, I'm not hurt at all Harry. I'm perfectly fine with you getting married. Go live your new life, go start a family, go be a husband. I'll be fine, just like I always have been. 

Harry: *stares to the ground* 

Kim: So go. *tries not to cry* Go be happy and live the life you always wanted. 

Harry: It's not what I always wanted! Not without you it isn't!  

Kim: *cries* 

Harry: I'm, I'm sorry, but my life isn't complete without you in it Kim. 

Kim: Well you're gonna have to start treating and looking at it that way. *leaves* 

Harry: *sits on his bed and sighs* 

Kim: *sees anne pull up* 

Anne: Kim? What are you? *gives kim the look* 

Kim: *fakes a big smile* Anne, I was just asking Harry if you guys would like to come over for dinner tonight. I'll cook and all you guys have to do it come over. *smiles* 

Daphne: That would be awesome! I can't wait, do you want me to come over and help? 

Kim: No. *smiles and walks off*

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