Don't You Remember Anything?

Niall Horan is Anne Mitchell's boyfriend; But after a heart breaking car accident, Niall lost some of his memory. He doesn't remember anything on his relationship with Anne and he doesn't even remember who Anne is. All he remembers is that he's friends with 4 best mates. He's succeeded third place in the X Factor UK and is in a band called One Direction. Will Anne and her bestfriend and the boys be able to help Niall back to his senses? Or would Niall forget all the things he did with her?


9. Chapter 9: Anne's POV (The nightmare)

Lately I found myself thinking

Been dreaming about you a lot

And up in my head I'm your boyfriend

But that's one thing you've already got

He drives to school every morning

Whlle I walk alone in the rain

He'd kill me without any warning

If he took a look in my brain

Would he say he's in L-O-V-E

Well if it was me, then I would (I would)

Would he hold you when you're feeling low?

Baby you should know that I would (I would)


I have downloaded One Direction's songs from awhile ago. It's really catchy and you won't even notice yourself singing it already. "A game that I'm destined to lose -" I sing along to the song while reading the lyrics. I had the house for myself until my grandfather gets home.

I kept singing. My headphones were on high volume soI cannot hear anyone or anything. I just lay down on bed and closed my eyes thinking. I can't seem to forget about meeting One Direction. They are talented, Kam was right. Meeting Liam, Harry, Zayn, Louis and Niall made my day. I'm trying to keep my eyes free from wet, hot tears. It hurts when you cry. Not because you won't know what will happen to your loved one but because your eyes sting also.

Crazy, I know.

I was on the verge of tears again. I'm not really a cryer. This was something different. Anyways, I've had enough of tears for today so I shrug it off. Taking my phone out under the pillow, I logged in to facebook.

Nothing new and interesting.

Logging off.

Logging in to twitter.

Nothing n - I stop at Niall's tweet. I suddenly remembered what happened to us awhile ago - we locked eyes. This wasn't just a simple "I'm-clumsy-sorry-I-fell" locking of eyes. This was... it feels... different.

I thought of those blue eyes. I think to myself and said that they can almost outshine the sun. That cute face. That cute laugh... Am I having a crush on him? My cousins have because they're big fans. Me? I only met and liked them tonight. I guess I have to clear it out first before I make sure of it.

Shut the door

Turns the lights off

I wanna be with you

I wanna feel your love

I wanna lay beside you

"Moments" started to play on my playlist. This will sound better if I turn the volume down a little bit.

I cannot hide this

Even though I try

This song feels soothing. Once again, I read Niall's tweet to me;

I'm pretty sure you're the Anne Mitchell I saw awhile ago talking with the little girl. If you are, would you mind replying? We were just planning for tomorrow! Get ready for Nando's!

I closed my eyes slowly, feeling like 1D's in front of me, singing.


"Let go of me! I want to see him!" I shouted at the nurses who were pulling me away. "Miss please! We're trying to -" I interrupted her. What are they trying to do? He's going to die! I was already choking when I shouted "LET ME IN!"

"Anne! Anne, please stop!" A hand grabbed my arm and pulled me away but I struggled and kicked the ground like a little girl. Another hand squeezed my shoulder and I heard my mother's voice. "Please stop, Anne. You'll hurt yourself," she whispered.

Are they serious? I'm not going to stop forcing my way in. The doctors rushed over to me. I didn't know they injected me with something. After 10 seconds, my legs felt weak and wobbly. I collapsed.

Within minutes, my vision went black.

-:- -:- -:-

I woke up looking at the familiar room. Why am I here in my room? I need to leave. I gathered my things. Before I reached the door, my best friend came in the wireless phone on her ear. I watched her as she talked to the other person on the line. I swear she doesn't want any eye contact. Not in the moment at least. When she hung up, her eyes were still focused on the ground.

"Kam. Who was that?" I tried controlling the shaking voice I have. I knew who it is.

She shook her head and told me the news. Horrible. I stood there, fighting back tears.

He's gone.

Kameron faced me now and shook me wildly. "Wake up!"


I opened my eyes and saw Kam's face. Her eyes gave me somewhat a worried look. I noticed that I was sweating like a steamer. It was only a nightmare.

"Are you okay? D'you want me to get you -"

"No. I'm fine. Swear." I lied. She gave me a furious look.

"What time is it?" I change the subject. We both know she's still curious about me.

I thought she wasn't going to answer. But she did.

"11" I can see her not convinced by the sudden change of subject. I forced myself a smile.

"Hey I'm alright. Just had a nightmare that's all." When she didn't reply, I said my goodnight and went back to bed.

I shut my eyes forcing myself to sleep without any nightmares.

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