Don't You Remember Anything?

Niall Horan is Anne Mitchell's boyfriend; But after a heart breaking car accident, Niall lost some of his memory. He doesn't remember anything on his relationship with Anne and he doesn't even remember who Anne is. All he remembers is that he's friends with 4 best mates. He's succeeded third place in the X Factor UK and is in a band called One Direction. Will Anne and her bestfriend and the boys be able to help Niall back to his senses? Or would Niall forget all the things he did with her?


5. Chapter 5: Kameron's POV (It got embarrassing, bad and better)

He is so cute. He is so cute. I can't believe I am talking to him. My head is going crazy! It's jumping up and down, up and down. Talking to Zayn Malik makes my heart melt like ice when you put it under the sun for so long.

I kept nodding to what he's saying. This night is so cool, I think this will bethe night to remember. Me and Zayn were talking about our favorites and other silly things. He has this smile he flashes at me when I laugh.

"Who's your favorite member in One Direction?" he asks.

"That's a tough question, you know. Considering all of you are my favorite..." I say. He raises an eyebrow and looks at me curiously. "Are you sure we're all your favorite. Kam?" I CAN'T BELIEVE I GOT A NEW NICKNAME FROM ZAYN MALIK! Hearing him say my nickname makes my legs get all wobbly. Maybe if he kept saying it at least 5 times, I won't be able to stand up straight.

"You're all awesome."

"Only one."

"Okay -" I pretended to think. "Niall." I saw Niall look at me when I said his name.

"Not fair," he cried.

I laughed hard. I made a baby-like voice "Is wittle Zayn upset because he's not my favowit?" I giggled. He rolled his eyes. "Am not. I have better fans, you know." He grinned at me like there's no tomorrow. I wanted to punch him if he's only a stranger.

"Where did you and Anne meet?"

"Starbucks. She's a good friend, you know. She's -" Oh crap. Why isn't she talking to any of the others? "Hold on." I made my way to Anne. It's like she didn't even see me when I got to her side. It's like she was thinking of something very big.

"Anne? Hello?" I waved my hand at her face. This caught all of the boys attention. Louis and Liam both hung their phones as soon as they saw Anne. Niall and Harry went over to her side. Zayn helped me with waving his hand at her face.

"ANNE!" I shouted suddenly giving all of them a jump. Anne caught my eye and for a moment, I think I saw sad eyes. "Why are you so quiet all of a sudden? We were having so much fun awhile ago?" Niall asked. I watched his moves and I did see a bit of concern in them.

It surprised me, what she said. "Kameron, can we go?" I really see sadness in them and she was like she's about to cry but she was fighting back tears.

"You still have 10 minutes?" Harry said but it turned out more like a question.

"Did something happen?"

"Is something wrong?"

I got annoyed when they fired their questions at her. I grabbed Anne's arm and walked her on the back. I signaled the boys not to follow. "There's something wrong and I can feel it. Don't lie." I threaten. I didn't even mean it! She just bursted into tears the moment I finished my sentence. She's good keeping it in control. I can feel One Direction staring at us but I don't think they heard Anne cry.

She whispered something. And when she did, I felt sorry for her.

"Kameron, my grandfather's at the hospital. He's had a heart attack."

-:- -:- -:-

2 minutes of talking to Anne was kind of hard. I don't want to know what will happen next when her mom calls her. But I want her to be okay and enjoy the last 8 minutes with One Direction.

I wiped her tears and gave her tissues for her to sneeze. "Don't cry. I know nothing bad will happen."

"I hope so...: Finally she stopped crying. We went back to the couch to where One Direction were sitting. When we came, they all stared at Anne like she's a bad person. Then -

"Have you been crying?" Harry and Louis asks at the same time. Anne managed to smile a little. With her eyes all red and puffy, of course they can notice her that she cried! Unfortunately, Anne didn't mind this. "I'm fine, thanks."

Someone tapped me on the back and saw that it was Zayn. "Is she alright there?" I glanced at Anne and told Zayn "I hope so."

5 minutes were left and we had to make everything worth it. Anne managed to join in talking to One Direction.

"About Nando's..." we all laughed at Niall. He was still craving for Nando's. "When can we take Anne there?"

Anne blinked. "What?"

Liam put his arm around Niall and faced Anne. "Of course we're taking you there! We won't let our fans leave us without tasting a piece of Nando's Peri Peri Chicken!" he beamed.

Zayn joined in. "Except for one thing. Don't ever steal any of the boys' food. Especially this Irish member of the band."

"Hey you still owe me! You stole my food!" Niall exclaimed. Anne finally managed to let out a laugh and I'm happy that she's going to be okay.

"Why don't we hang out with them tomorrow?" Harry asked Louis.

Louis looked unsure for a bit, considering that there are a lot more things to do. Then Harry patted him on the back. "Oh c'mon, mate! Lighten up a bit! It's just one day of hanging out with them! They are your fans too!"

"I don't hold the schedules, Styles." Louis backed off.

"See! You said it yourself! You don't hold the schedules! And I think we can spend one whole day with the fans, can't we?" Niall begged.

I felt Zayn grab my arm and I blushed wildly. "Who wants One Direction spend one whole day with Anne and Kameron, say 'I'?" He then raised my hand, like his... Like Liam's... Like Niall's... And like Harry's.

Louis sighed in defeat. "I maybe be older but I still don't handle our schedules."

"I think we're free tomorrow." Harry checked a clipboard.

Before anyone of us had the chance to talk, one of One DIrection's bodyguards walked in. "Time's up Miss Mitchell and Miss Montgomery."

As I have expected, Anne quickly got her bag. I also grabbed mine. "Alright then? It's settled! We're having one whole day with you two girls tomorrow!" Liam said, beaming at us. I nodded in agreement.

We said our good byes to One Direction. We weren't even near the door, Anne lost her balance and almost fell--until Niall caught her. Both of them locked eyes and I can--we all can--sense it.

After several seconds, I cleared my throat and lightly nudged Anne on the back. "Anne, we have to get you somewhere right?"

Zayn pulled Niall. I can see both of their cheeks turning pink, I swear. Anne quickly said thanks to him. We left the room after the little accident.

We were walking down the hallway when I heard a familiar voice shout out, "Hey Kam!" I turned my head and saw Zayn smiling down at me. "Thanks for your time!" before closing the door.

I grinned. This day... it got embarrassing, bad and better.

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