Don't You Remember Anything?

Niall Horan is Anne Mitchell's boyfriend; But after a heart breaking car accident, Niall lost some of his memory. He doesn't remember anything on his relationship with Anne and he doesn't even remember who Anne is. All he remembers is that he's friends with 4 best mates. He's succeeded third place in the X Factor UK and is in a band called One Direction. Will Anne and her bestfriend and the boys be able to help Niall back to his senses? Or would Niall forget all the things he did with her?


4. Chapter 4: Anne's POV (I got silent)

I can't believe I sang Little Things by One Direction. After hearing the lyrics for at least seven times a day, I finally got the chance to memorize it. We 'auditioned' for the X Factor One Direction version and judges Louis and Liam said we are thru.

It was very fun singing the song with them. It was fun singing it with Kameron. I can't believe she dragged me here yesterday. It's a good thing I changed my mind and went with her. I actually like One Direction.

Especially this blonde, Irish, and extremely good looking singer. He has a very good voice when he sung his part on Little Things. I really think his voice is so cute. And I don't know why I'm saying this but he is hot. I can't believe he was right behind me awhile ago while I'm talking to that little girl! I didn't see him! Until Kameron made all the fans came running in.

This time, me and Kameron are inside the room with One Direction. I'm having a good time, actually. I didn't know spending time with them was this fun. We took a lot of wacky pictures and such. We laughed and talked. They're all pretty cool.

Niall started to talk about a restaurant called Nando's. Probably it's very famous to them. Even Kam (I find that very exciting to say since Zayn started her nickname) has heard of that before.

"Maybe we could eat at Nando's later after this? I'm nearly starving," Niall put his hand on his stomach and rubbed it. They all laughed except for me. Liam's eyes moved to me and asked "You okay there? You seem lost with what we're saying"

I don't actually care if this is a bit embarrassing for me but I can't help but ask them What is this Nando's thing? "Actually. I am. What's Nando's?"

Niall's head quickly faced me and I can see that his eyes were wide with shock. I just stare at him, shaking my head. "Okay, for all of you who doesn't know -" I paused and looked at Kameron, who was staring at me with another shocked expression "I have never been nor never heard of Nando's before."

All at once, the boys questioned me. I think they want to shake me if I stand up. "You've never been there?"

"You've never heard of that before?"

"Are you sure?"

Kameron quickly stood up from her seat and joined me. "Okay okay. Can you stop for a while?" I raised my hands. "You win. I don't know Nando's."

Niall interrupted very fast. "I think we'll take you there."

I saw Louis check his watch before telling us that they can't take us to Nando's tonight.

"This is Meet and Greet with fans, Niall. F-A-N-SSSSS" Louis made the S word longer so Niall can notice. Apparently, he did. "I know how to spell, mate. And I can hear what you just said."

"You've never been to Nando's before?" Kameron whispered to my ear while the boys were talking and planning. I shook my head, not turning my head to her.

Before everything gets worse, I placed myself between Niall and Harry who were about to argue. "Stop! This is a Meet and Greet like what you said, Louis. This is about us (I pointed at myself and at Kameron) talking to you, meeting you, and taking pictures with you!"

Louis agreed with me. What, are we like friends now? I don't even really know them. And I won't get another chance to talk to them too. Still, they have good attitudes and a sense of humor. I really want another chance to talk and maybe (just maybe) hang out with these five.

"I agree with Anne, you know. We've got so many things to do." Louis said, nodding. Good, at least the oldest member here agrees with me.

I mouthed my thanks and checked the time. "So. We've had fun for a half hour now. What should we do now before you all start planning again?"

"Why don't we just sing for the last 30 minutes?" Zayn suggested. Kameron (of course) nodded in agreement. The others agreed too.

I clapped my hand and smiled. "Then, singing it is!"

-:- -:- -:-

Zayn suggested that we all sing for 30 minutes. We ran out of songs to sing (Liam said we should not sing any of their songs since they already sang it awhile ago during the concert). We just sat down and had a good drink of cola.

Now all got busy with themselves. Liam and Louis were busy talking on the phone, Harry was talking to Niall and Zayn and Kameron were talking. And I was left all by myself.

All of a sudden, my phone vibrated again. It was mom. I went to the back so I wouldn't disturb them. I hit the answer button.

"Anne...?" something is not right. Her voice was shaking. I got alert. I glanced back at the boys and Kameron. Good, they were still talking and on the phone. I whispered, "Mom, what's wrong? What's happened?"

Now I really heard her. I heard her cry. Uncontrollably. I got very nervous and I squeeze my ear to my phone. "Mom, what's wrong?" I ask again.

I hear her sniff. When she told me, I couldn't help but stare at nothing. I couldn't help but freeze. I couldn't help my feet getting all jelly. I was heart broken with the sudden news. There it was. One of my biggest fear came true. And I'm in the verge of tears.

I just didn't want to cry here that's all. So I kept my posture straight. I kept my voice straight like I didn't hear her. I kept everything under control. But could I keep this any longer? I had to go. But Kameron was having such a good time and I don't want to interrupt her talking with the guy she loves.

I must be strong.

I hang up after I heard the news. I silently sat on the couch and stared at nothing.

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