Don't You Remember Anything?

Niall Horan is Anne Mitchell's boyfriend; But after a heart breaking car accident, Niall lost some of his memory. He doesn't remember anything on his relationship with Anne and he doesn't even remember who Anne is. All he remembers is that he's friends with 4 best mates. He's succeeded third place in the X Factor UK and is in a band called One Direction. Will Anne and her bestfriend and the boys be able to help Niall back to his senses? Or would Niall forget all the things he did with her?


3. Chapter 3: Niall's POV (Ready to audition for X Factor One Direction, girls?)

"OH MY GOD! IT'S NIALL HORAN!" I wasn't able to move. Not until three of my securities pushed me inside our room. I don't know how fans started rushing in just to see me. It's amazing, seeing them smile when they see me. But still I don't know.  

And then I caught the girl's eye. We stared at each other for awhile until I was being forced to go inside. "Niall, I suggest you stay inside so your fans won't go running into you" Robert, one of our bodyguards said to me. So I just followed him.  

When I got inside, my best mates were staring at me with a puzzled look on their faces. "What's going on out there, mate? Everything alright?"  

I made my way to the couch to where they were all sitting. "Yeah. Robert forced me to go inside, you know... Because of fans."  

Zayn smirked at me and patted me on the back. "What took you so long, Niall? We thought something bad happened to you awhile ago." He said teasing me.  

"Yeah, very funny Malik." I replied. 

"You said you were going to get some food?" 

"Actually, I was." And it's true. I guess I was standing outside watching that girl for 3 minutes. I told the band I was going to get some food since I'm already getting hungry. Then I saw a little girl crying, looking around and thought she seemed lost. When I started walking, a girl came. Probably 18 or something. "I gotta go mom. I think Kameron's looking for me." She said over the phone.  

So she's American. And I think the little girl's name is Kameron-not until I learned her real name.  

"What's your name?" the 18 year old girl asked the little girl.  

"Beth," I heard the little girl answer. So she's not the Kameron this 18 year old girl was talking about. Who's this Kameron? Her boyfriend? 

I saw a smile on the girl's face and when she smiled, I automatically smiled too. "Well Beth. Are you looking for your parents?" 

The little girl stopped crying for a second and shook her head. "I'm here with maah siwster. And her fwend." I laughed silently at the sound of her voice. Even the girl laughed a little. She held her hand to her and asked for a high five. I'm guessing the little girl doesn't know what that is because she just stared blankly at her. I thought for a minute that the 18 year old girl was going to frown and pout. 

I was wrong. 

"Let me show you how to do it." She's so nice. I want to meet her. It's like I'm invisible here because she doesn't see me. Not until another girl-who looks like she has the same age-walked in. "Anne, it's time to -" Then boom my name comes out from her mouth. "OH MY GOD! IT'S NIALL HORAN!"  

"Niall? Hello? Nando's to Niall! The Peri Peri Chicken will run away if you don't talk!" Liam joked.  

I played. "Where?! Where is my chicken?!"  

My mates patted me on the back. "We thought we lost you in there, lad."  

"Now really. I thought you were going to get us some food?" 

I stared at Zayn, giving him a disbelieving look. "No way! I don't like you stealing my food! You were my favorite before, Zayn Malik! But you did something bad! Something that made my favoritism moved to Harry! You stole my food!" I pretended to cry by covering my hands over my face. I made a horrible crying sound and they all laughed. 

"You still have to replace my food, Zayn Malik" I smiled innocently. 

Robert knocked on the door and told us we have our first Meet and Greet fans for the night. We told him to let them in and I couldn't stop staring at these two girls who just came in.  

Robert introduced them to us saying that the girl's (she was the one who I saw talking to the little girl) name is Anne Mitchell and the other girl's name (she was the one who caused the fans rushing through the door just too see me) is Kameron. Huh. So this is Kameron. 

Louis introduced himself first, followed by Liam, Harry, Zayn and me.  

"Why are you all red there, Kam?" Zayn silently laughed. He just met her and he's got a nickname for her now.  

But he was right. Kameron was red-tomato red on the face as she stared at me guiltily. Before I even spoke, she blurted out "I'msosorryforwhathappenedawhileago... Niall" I chuckled. I called out her name. "What? I'm sorry? I didn't understand a word?" 

Now she almost fell. Her friend-Anne, I think-caught her. "I'm sorry for what happened awhile ago," she didn't look at me. In fact, she didn't look at any of us. Her friend was trying to hide her laughter.  

"It's alright. I enjoy seeing my fans happy when they see me." I smiled. She turned back to normal the minute I said that.  

Liam started the conversation. "So.. Where are you from girls?"  

Anne started to talk first since her friend still look guilty. "Well, I'm really from California. I just moved here 3 weeks ago with my parents." 

"And I'm also from California. I moved here about a year ago." Kameron now told us. 

I noticed Zayn look at her the most so he asked the next question, "And how old are you?" It's like they're going to audition for X Factor! Starting with where do you live? And how old are you? I tapped him on the back and whispered to him, "Uh.. We're not judges, are we?" 

He smirked and turned back his attention to the girls. "How old are you lovely girls?" 

As usual, Anne started. And my thoughts were right. She is 18. "I'm 18."  

"And I'm also 18."  

Harry put his hand to his chin and pretended he was a judge. He took two papers and pretended it was their forms. "So -" he said in a Simon-like voice (we all laughed crazily) "Who's older?" 

Anne and Kameron played with our jokes. This was better. "I'm older than her for 2 months" Anne pointed out. "I'm the baby here in our friendship." Kameron answered back. Anne pouted and punched her friend on the shoulder. "No -" she grins at her. "I'm the baby." 

"You're mature! You're mature!" Kameron repeated and made a baby-like voice. All of us laughed even louder.  

"You girls are funny. And adorable." I heard Liam say.  

"So -" copying Harry's Simon-like voice, I said to them "what will you be singing for us for the night?" 

They both pretended to think. "We're going to sing..." 

"Little Things by One Direction"  

Zayn got interested and copied Harry and I too. "And who are they?" 

Kameron grinned at us, "You'll know when you hear us sing." 

"Bring it on. I bet One Direction's better than you girls." 

Anne stuck out her tongue at me. "For your information, we are the best singers here in town!"  

Zayn and Harry clapped their hands, "Let's hear it." 

The two girls started singing. We all looked at each other. They have this harmonic voice. It's relaxing. As the two girls sing, I started to join in. 

But if I do 

It's you 

Oh it's you they add up too 

And I'm in love with you 

And all these little things

Louis sang along;

You can't go to bed 

Without a cup of tea 

And maybe that's the reason that you talk in your sleep 

And all those conversations are the secrets that I keep 

Though it makes no sense to me

Then Harry;

I know you've never loved, 

The sound of your voice on tape 

You never want to know how much you weigh 

You still have to squeeze into your jeans  

But your perfect to me

Then all of us cued in;

But if it's true 

It's you 

It's you 

They add up to 

I'm in love with you 

And all these little things

Then I started again;

You'll never love yourself half as much as I love you 

And you'll never treat yourself right darlin' but I want you too 

If I let you know, I'm here for you 

Maybe you'll love yourself 

Like I love you


We all finished at the same time together. Then silence filled the room. Liam and Louis shouted in unison "You're thru!" We all clapped while the two girls bowed and said thank you.

I tell you. These two girls are both amazing. I want to get to know them more-especially Anne.

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