The Bully....

Harmony Hayes is your average girl. Good grades, good friends, good family, but what if one day she moves and she notices the wrong boy.... the bully, will this start trouble....?


4. Harolds House

When we got to his front steeps, I could see that there where two other cars. Harry looked a bit worried. "Harry, What's wrong?" I asked. He looked back at me and forced a smile. "nothing babe, just nothing..." He looked in my eyes and pecked me on the lips. "c'mon."

When I opened Harrys house door, the first thing I noticed was the silence, I mean I have to admit, I live alone and its quiet but this was just strange....

I looked up at Harry, he's a lot taller then me, so when I kiss him, I have to be on my tipe toes and he still has to bend he's head a little bit. And he could tell I wasn't comfy. He hugged me tighter. As we walked upstairs, I seen his mum in a room, she was on the phone. She was talking about the X-Factor. We passed a lot of rooms, man, his house was big. We stopped at the last room. He opened it, and it smelled like him. It was very messy in side. Quickly he grabbed a bag and threw cloths inside, then he grabbed a CD and we rushed out. But before we could get out the door, I heard something, I wish we didn't.

"HAROLD!!!" someone screamed. I laughed a bit at the name.... Running down the steeps came a very angry looking girl. "What Gemma?!" harry screamed back. "where are you going?"

"places..." harry said. and with that he grabbed my hand and ran. When we got to my house, he got a phone call.

Harry:"mmmhmm" "yea" "I told her" "yea, you were right" "shes.... amazing"

I smiled. Harry hung up his phone and said, "okay, so my friends wanna know if youd like to go with us to dinner! " I was shocked his snobby friends would wanna see me!
"wait, those friends you're in that band with?" 

Harry was in a band with the four boys, they went on X-Factor but sadly they didn't pass, and now they came back to finish school, and Harrys mom tries to get them a record deal.

"of corse, where are we going?" I asked

 "somewhere fancaaaaaay" he said all funny "theyll be here in 10."

Harry went and changed in my downstairs bathroom while I went to my room.


You walked downstairs to find a naked Harry. Your eyes widened. Harry looked up at you and smiled, you laughed so hard. Harry ran to go put on his suit. HE came out and began to kiss your neck, you moaned as he kissed your sweet spot. you let out a moan. You decided to turn the tables, you started kissing him on the neck, making sure he moans. Just as Harry puts his hand lower on your back, the doorbell rings. "UGHHHHHHH!!!!!!!" you hear harry grumble. you giggle.

He opens the door, "Hi Were One Direction" you die laughing. All the boys actually look really good.

"Hi." said the blonde one, he kissed me on the cheek and Harry growled. " Nice pick there harry." said the one with earrings. " Im Zayn by the way"

We all went around the room introducing our selves when finally harry got mad that all the boys were very interested in me.

We all pilled into two different cars, the car me and harry were in also had Zayn.






Grrrrr, this chapters really lame. Any ideas for my next??

No one? okay >.<



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