The Bully....

Harmony Hayes is your average girl. Good grades, good friends, good family, but what if one day she moves and she notices the wrong boy.... the bully, will this start trouble....?


2. Coffee??

My day went by in a flash, I went through the day like every other one, just today, it felt weird....
I had a bunch of girls gawking at me as if I took something of theirs....
By the time gym came around, I was shaking, I was awfully scared to see Harry.... I don't know why, but I was also excited....
Gym class is when I started to thing, what does he what to see me for? I mean, why me? Like, he could have any girl here in London Academy. But still he picks lil'o shy me....

My thoughts were quickly interrupted by the sight of Harry jogging up to me. He slowed down to my pace and winked, and just like that, he was gone...
Ugh, how that boy bugged me -.-
I quickly ran back into gym lockers and changed into Normal cloths.
(Since it's constantly poring here I wore:
And I quickly found Harry looking......
Good! I hate to admit it, but it's true...

"Errr..... Hi" I whispered, nervously.
"Hi baby!" He yelled, with a huge smile on his face.
I blushed wildly, and I tried to contain these awful symptoms I was showing.
Obviously I was starting to catch a awful case of the "Harryroyds".
 Just like every girl in this school.
"Um, what do you what?!" I tried to seem annoyed.
"Cut the act Barbie." He smirked. "Wanna go get coffee with me?"
I was in utter shock by what I was just asked.... 
"Hello???" He asked. Waving his hand in my face.
"Um, sure?" I said shocked.

We walked to his car and surprisingly he was a gentleman. He walked next to me, he opened the door, and he pulled the chair out for me at the table....
"So.." Harry said with a cocky smile. 
"Sooooo" I said.
"Can I tell you a secret?" He asked, with a scared look.
What could he want, I mean after all this is already too surreal for me. I mean, c'mon, he is the bully! He treats girls like crap!! 
"Um, I guess?" I leaned close and said.

"Harmony Hayes, I think I love you."
And with those seven words, my heart stopped. 
"Ahhha....." Was all I could manage to spit out.
I ran out into the street and just say in the grass..... 
What just happened back there?!?!

I'm soooo sorry guys, but I didn't mean to make it her first day!!! 
And oh my josh, I'm having writers block! Comment your ideas???

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