Staying in the Dark

Ellie Marks has tried to stay hidden from society because she isn't
like them. She has powers that scare people away. When Ellie tries to
fit in, everything goes wrong. She meets One Direction and has to keep
them and her family safe.


5. Rejection

I slowly stood up and walked towards the man in the suit, which I supposed was a bodyguard


The bodyguard smiled at me when I reached him, "Hi, my name is Paul." He stuck his hand out

"Ellie." I said shaking it


He brought me to the steps of the stage, I didn't walk up them, "I really don't want to do this Paul."


His smiled widened, "It will be fun, trust me." Paul started pushing me a little


I shook my head, "I don't know their names." He stopped pushing and looked at me

"Really?" I just nodded, my eyes wide


Paul sighed, "I can tell you. The blonde one is Niall, the curly hair is Harry, tight pants is Louis, the one with the quiff is Zayn and the other one is Liam. Now can you go? Everyone is getting antsy out there."


"Fine." I huffed and walked on stage


I held my head high, looking confident, but really I was really scared


Harry met me halfway and put an arm around me, "Hey love. Did you enjoy the show?"

"What do you want to hear?" At first he was shocked and then smiled, "Only the good things."


"Then it was wonderful, just dandy." All 5 boys laughed and walked over to me


Liam stepped forward, "What's  your name?"




"That's a pretty name." I just smiled and nodded


"Well everyone we thank you for coming, but we must go now. Love you." Louis said to the audience


The boys led me off stage


As soon as we were out of the audience's view I sat on the ground and rubbed my head


"Something wrong?" I looked up and saw Harry kneeling in front of me

His eyes were so beautiful. So green


"Yes. Those people don't know what personal space is, do they?" I said angrily

Harry laughed, "I guess not."

He stood up and helped me up


I followed them all into a back room


When we got in there I sat in one of the chairs opposite the large couch

All five boys sat on the couch


For a couple minutes we all just stared, until Paul came in


"Hey Ellie." I smiled brightly, "Hey Paul."


They boys looked confused, "You guys know each other?"


"Paul's the reason I know your guy's names."

"Really?" Zayn asked sarcastically


"Yes really. I just came because I wanted to get out of the house."


"Oh, I see." He said, still being sarcastic


"I really don't need you to believe me Quiffy." I said glaring at him

Everyone but Zayn laughed, "What?" I spat


"Quiffy?" Louis asked, still laughing


"OK, whatever. I'm leaving, this really was a waste of my time." I got up and went to the door


"Wait, please don't leave." Harry pleaded

I turned slowly around, "It's nothing about you four." I pointed to Harry, Niall, Liam and Louis, "This is about sassy pants over there." I glared at Zayn


"Well, I don't need you to like me because I have a girlfriend."


I rolled my eyes, "Have fun with that."

"I will, but I can already tell you don't have a boyfriend, Ellie." He said Ellie weird


"Well you don't know me Zayn." I mocked his voice


"So, you don't? And how do you manage to not know One Direction? Did your parents lock you in a basement or something?" He scoffed at the end


"Zayn..." Niall began


I spun around, "Can I please talk to you for a second alone Zayn?"

He looked at the others and nodded towards them, they all left, including Paul


"What do you want?" He said, impatiently


I rolled my eyes and walked right up to him, "If I were you I wouldn't talk about my parents."

"Why does someone have daddy issues?" He asked mockingly


"I warned you Zayn." He laughed


"And what are you going to do about it?" I smiled in answer

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