Staying in the Dark

Ellie Marks has tried to stay hidden from society because she isn't
like them. She has powers that scare people away. When Ellie tries to
fit in, everything goes wrong. She meets One Direction and has to keep
them and her family safe.


2. Promise

I woke up to Emmet knocking on my door


"Come in." He came in and stood in the doorway


"We need milk." I nodded and put milk in the fridge

"It's done."


He sighed and walked towards me and sat on my bed, "I still don't forgive you, but I do feel sorry for you El."


"You have a weird way of showing it." I said and looked away from him


"I feel bad that you have to stay in here all day."

"I'm fine really Emmet."


He stood up from the bed, "Ellie! I am trying to help you! You are being a lonely person and it's really depressing. Maybe you could do something for a change. Not just sit here and play around with your powers like they are good for you."


"Well I'm sorry you feel that way."


He huffed and walked back to the door, "Can you please promise me something?" He asked a little coldly




His face softened a bit, knowing I would do anything for him, "Go to this concert. I bought the tickets already."


I scrunched up my nose, "I really don't..."


"You promised me El." I rolled my eyes and nodded, "What band is playing?"


"One Direction." Who the hell were they?


"Um, who?"


"The most popular boy band in all of London." Oh, OK

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