Staying in the Dark

Ellie Marks has tried to stay hidden from society because she isn't
like them. She has powers that scare people away. When Ellie tries to
fit in, everything goes wrong. She meets One Direction and has to keep
them and her family safe.


1. Prolouge

I can't help but feel that it's always my fault


Everything always is.

My parent's death was. I left my brother, Emmet and I alone


And to say the least he hated me and who I was


I was a Castor, someone who had powers. I happened to be the only one like this in my family.


Actually, the only one in London.

All the rest have been banished by the Grand Castor


Since I couldn't leave Emmet alone, I stayed hidden away from society


I already knew that if I showed who I really was, scientist would find me.

Or worse, I would be banished to a different planet

That would not be good, at all


I heard, from rumors that all the other planets were terribly uncomfortable


Earth was a lovely place to live. Giving me a reason to stay hidden


Anyways, I continuously remember my parent's death


They had just come home from dinner to find the house on fire.


I had gone into one of my phases where I couldn't control my own body until something terrible happened. Which happened to be my parent's death


Well, even in my phase, I saved Emmet and got him outside


My parents weren't so lucky, they came inside to get me out but I threw them both into the source of the fire, killing them


When I snapped out of the phase, I blacked out and fell down the stairs


I woke up in a hospital, having only Emmet around me


I had begged for forgiveness, not getting it

At the time, I felt sorry for myself, having nobody, but now I feel sorry for Emmet, for having me as a sister


Everything I do back fires on us, so now I do nothing other than keep us living


Which, with my powers, we have no problem

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