Staying in the Dark

Ellie Marks has tried to stay hidden from society because she isn't
like them. She has powers that scare people away. When Ellie tries to
fit in, everything goes wrong. She meets One Direction and has to keep
them and her family safe.


4. Lucky Seat Number

For a second the screaming stopped, but a few seconds came back.




This was begging to get really annoying. My head starting pounding and I felt light headed


Why couldn't this be over with already. 

Then I realized it hadn't started yet, darn


"You guys ready for tonight?" A curly head asked


Everyone screamed back a yes, well everyone but me, who was covering my ears and pulled my knees up to my chest in my chair


I already hated this


Drums started playing and a beat started. One Direction was imitating it with their hands


"Do you remember summer '09...."

Wow Curly had a good voice, a really good one


"I used to think that I was better alone." So did Skinny Pants


Clearly I needed to learn their names, but this would have to do


By the end of the song, I gathered it was called 'Rock Me'


Which was interesting....


They sang two more songs, 'What Makes You Beautiful' and 'Live While We're Young'


At the end, I was actually enjoying myself. The boys were good at singing and were good to look at too


The other's nicknames were Quiffy, Blondie and Puppy. Creative, I know


As soon as they were done singing 'Live While We're Young', Skinny Pants started talking, "So, tonight we have decided to pick a random seat to come up here on stage and then come backstage with us


Everyone started screaming again, of course


The boys all smiled and Quiffy stepped up, "And the lucky seat number is...." He paused and looked at Blondie

They both nodded at each other

"The seat number is D45. D45."


Every girl started checking their tickets and realization hit me, that was my chair number

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