Loved and lost


1. The first day.

I wake up, here we go again. Another year of bullshit and drama. I hate this, I hate having to wake up every morning so early and slap a fake smile on my face. It hurts. I stand up take off my sweatpants and cami and open my drawers.... I have so many short sleeve shirts, I miss being able to wear them. I grab a long sleeve shirt and my size 00 jeans, throw them on, being careful about my cuts, and walk down stairs. I walk into the bathroom brush my teeth and hair and them run a straightener through it... It doesn't stay straight anyways so why should I start it out straight? And put on a heavy layer of black eyeliner and mascara. Grab my book bag and walk out the door. I don't have time for breakfast. I'm too fat anyways. I see the bus come around the corner... Oh how I wish I lived close enough to school to walk. I step on the bus and take the same seat I have sat in for years, 4th seat back on the left, the same seat that holds all my memories of when I was happy and actually had a life. I pull out my iPod and put my favorite song on, Alive by Adelitas Way, I smile just a little them start to tear up. This was mine and his song, I miss him.....

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