Loved and lost


4. Classes 1, 2, and 3.

The teacher tells the class to pay attention because we are going to stand up and introduce ourselves. She looks right at me and says "why don't we start with you?, come right upfront and tell us about yourself!" Everyone's eyes look right at me. I swallow hard and stand up and walk to the front, turn to face the class and say "I'm Hannah, you may not know me and I have no problem with that cause I don't care to know you. None of you will ever find out enough about me and if you do it won't matter because I will leave and be moved on. So don't say hi, don't ask how I'm doing because I won't answer. I don't care what any of you have to say." Everyone's eyes are huge. I look back at my seat and head back and sit Down. I look at the clock, 10 more minutes. I look down at my paper. It's just scribbles. Roses and broken hearts and everything else depressing. I decide to draw the adelitas way logo but half way through the bell rings and its time to go to 2nd period. I stand up pull my bag over my shoulder and walk out. I had no trouble in the hallway on my way to 2nd, surprisingly. I take a seat in the back of the class again. I'm gonna try to get a seat farthest back in each class I decide. The teacher is up there mumbling and talking about math and geometry and shit like that but I don't hear it. I'm too busy playing pierce the veil on my ear buds. King for a day is the song. This is like my 2nd favorite song. And I listen to many more songs and before I know it the bell rings and I'm on my way to 3rd. I walk out the door and there she is. The most popular girl in school, smiling and giggling and being happy and preppy. She gives me a dirty look. I put my head back down and walking into the locker room. It's time for gym. I put on a pair of spandex and under armor shorts , and tank top and converse and walk in. The other kids are already in a line Infront of our teachers. So I walk to the back of the line. Coach Laird says "today we are gonna take it easy on you. It's dodgeball day. Line up and we will assign you a team." I get put on the red team. Hey, reds one of my favorite colors. Coach laird yells "GO!" And all you hear is the squeaking of shoes Which are the kids running for the balls. Then all of a sudden I get hit in the stomach with a ball and then the head. I'm all dizzy and tasting blood. I faint.... 

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