Catch Me

This is a story about a girl named Mae who sleeps with a One Direction member and ends up pregnant. This is the story of the ups and downs of a teenager who's not only pregnant in high school, has a over controlling father, no mother, and a couple who want to take her baby along with the One Direction member in and out of her life. Who will catch this falling girl?


1. The Test

Mae's P.O.V.

I remember how it felt earlier that day when I walked in the drug store of the town over from mine. I knew I couldn't get a pregnancy test from my town because I lived in a small town, if one person knew, then everyone would know. I had to keep this a secret as long as possible. I had grabbed a water bottle along with the test and put it on the counter in front of me. A middle aged women with big hair and cheap red lipstick rung me up. She gave me a look when she picked up then test. I knew what she was thinking. It's what every adult thought when a sixteen year old girl walked in getting a pregnancy test. What a shame. I looked away from her then she plopped the test in the bag.


As I was about to leave, I heard her muffled voice, "Good luck kid."


Just what everyone my age wants to hear. I stumbled out of the drug store then headed my way home. My dad was a cop in our town so I knew he wouldn't be home late and being an only child who didn't have any siblings besides a twenty-one year old sister who lived in New York, I knew I would be safe taking the test at home.


I started to think as I drove home. It all happened at a One Direction concert believe it or not. I was there with my GBF(gay best friend) when a guy in a black shirt asked me if I wanted to meet the band after the show. I of course said hell yeah to him and walked to the back along with my GBF, Jonas.


We met the whole band. We took pictures, talked, and they even sighed a few things along with making a video to rub it in to are other friend, Ruby. Things were going great. I was even flirting pretty hardcore with one of the guys. His name was Louis. I was just so madly in love with his glowing eyes and smile. His laugh was breath taking even. I just wanted to give everything to him. And then... I did.


I never had sex before. Louis was my first and my last time. I knew I didn't know him well enough to have sex with him but in a way, it didn't seem real. It was like a movie. It was perfect. He even gave me his number and we text and facetime all the time. Until I missed my period. Louis then decided to tell me the condom broke. He didn't think anything of it. Now we both regretted that.


I got to my house. It was a nice house. It was a two story place with four bedrooms and three bathrooms. It may seem like much but my grandparents did live here and back when my mom did, I had a step brother. Now she was gone. So was he. And my sister.


My grandparents were out of town though. I was alone. Like always. I didn't mind it though. I liked having my own space. But that could all change in a matter of seconds if I was or was not carrying Louis's baby.


Now here I am. Sitting on the edge of the bath tub just waiting for the test results to pop up. I had two more minutes to go. I looked down at my phone to see a text from Louis.


Louis: Whatever it says, I'm here for you.


I stared at the text. I was about to reply when my alarm went off. The results were in. I stood up from the edge of the tub and slowly walked over to the counter where the test sat. I reached over for it. My eyes grew wide as the test slipped from my fingers and landed on the floor with a thud...

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