Letters to Harry: A Fanfiction

In the title


8. chap.8

Will showed up to my house today. I'm not going to the wedding. He says. Will Sweeney why not? I ask. Because this should be yours & Harry's wedding Aleah. He says. Your sweet, but you need to go for Harry. I say. Plus its gross. He's 23 & she's 39. He says. JJ runs down the stairs. Will! He yells. Hey buddy! Will smiles. So your not going? I ask. That's the plan. Will winks. What's in the bag? JJ asks. JJ don't be noise. I say. It's a toy Superman for you. & for mum a diamond J necklace. He says. Cool! Thanks Will! JJ smiles. Thanks Will. I say. Welcome. He smiles. 

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