Letters to Harry: A Fanfiction

In the title


14. Chap.14

Niall and I sit in the front room as JJ sleeps. Babe do you want to go for some Nando's? He asks. Yeah. Let me go wake up JJ. I smile. No let me. He winks. A few seconds later he walks down with a giggling JJ. Whats so funny? I ask. Daddy Niall was telling me a joke. He says. Niall gasps. Did he call me daddy? He asks. Sorry. JJ says and starts to cry. No. JJ its ok. Its just that Harry is your daddy and you should call me Niall. He says. But I want to call you Daddy Niall. JJ says. Niall looks at me. Ok. I say. Really? JJ asks. Yeah. I nod. He is still running a fever. Ni says. *@ Nando's* We sit down when a bunch of fans rush up to us. NIALL!!!! They yell. Hey Crazy Mofos!He smiles. They stop and look at JJ. He looks like Harry. One says. No he doesnt. Ni says. Is he yours? Another asks Ni. No he belongs to my lovely princess here. Ni says and points at me. OMG! Your his princess!? Your beautiful! They scream. Thanks. I smile.

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