Letters to Harry: A Fanfiction

In the title


12. Chap.12

We pick up the 4 pizzas and head back to Anne's. When we get to the house Niall grabs my small hand and we walk in. Louis'  eyes trail from my hand to Niall's and he sighs. You OK Louie? I ask. Um... yeah. He says. How's Eleanor? I ask. Oh she's fine. I guess. He says. Guess? I ask. They broke up. Zayn says. Oh. Sorry. I say. What's up with the hand holding? Liam asks. Oh... um... we're together. I say. Awesome!!! Gemma smiles. Well he is loving. I say. Yeah. Our Nialler is sweet. Liam smiles. Where is my son and his damn father? I ask. Oh they went upstairs. Anne says. JJ!!! Mommy is back! I yell. Mum! He yells running down the steps. Hi baby! I smile. Niall sat the pizzas on the table and picks JJ up. Hey little man. He smiles. Down! JJ yells. OK. Ni smiles. Harry walks down with Caroline attached at the hip. Yum! Pizza! He yells. I pick up JJ and hand him to Niall. Hey babe JJ feels like he is running a fever. Ni says. I'll take him to the doctor. Sorry about tonight. I say and kiss Niall. Aleah hold on! I'm going with you! Harry yells. OK. But your not sleeping over! I yell. Course not. I have a wife to get back too. He yells back. He jogs up to me and we walk out. I buckle JJ I and get in the driver side. What the hell is up with Niall calling you babe?!?! He yells as once we are safe inside the car. It just so happens Niall and I are together!!! I yell back. Mum! Don't fight!!!! JJ screams. Momma is sorry. I say to JJ. 

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