Letters to Harry: A Fanfiction

In the title


11. Chap.11

As Harry packs JJ into the frontroom Louie follows me. He whispers in my ear. Is that Harry's son? He asks. Yeah. I whisper back. He's handsome. He whisper. He kisses my cheek. I've missed you Aleah. He says. I've missed you too. I say. So you and Harry have a kid together? He asks. Yeah Lou. I say. We walk into the frontroom. ALEAH!!!!!!!!!! The boys and Gemma yell and rap me in a big hug. Harry sits down next to Anne on the couch. Who is this cutie? She asks smilling at JJ. His name is JJ mum and he's my son. Harry says. Son? Anne asks. Yep. He belongs to Aleah & I. He says. Then Caroline walks in. Personaly I hated her. She was a old, ugly, bag. Of course I'd never tell Harry that. He loves her too much. I fake smile at her. Babe are you ok? Louis asks. Yeah. I say giving him my fake smile. Hey Aleah want to go with me to get luch? Niall asks as he puts his phone in his pocket. Yeah. Harry take care of JJ untill I get back. I say. Ok he smiles. Niall & I run out to the car. He gets in the driver side and I the other. Well babe what have you been up to? He asks. Working and caring for JJ. While I work at Starbucks my friend Will watches JJ. I say. Oh. He shyly smiles. Niall why are you acting so shy near me? I ask. Aleah I like you. He says. Well I like you too Niall. I say. No Aleah I LIKE you. He says stressing like. Oh. Well Ni I like you like that too. I smile. Really? He asks. Of course. Why wouldn't I? I ask. Because of Harry. He says. No babe. I love you. I say. That's great. He says with a smile. Finally we pull up to the pizza place and get out. Pizza? What about Nanados? I ask. Well I wanted it but no one else did. He says. Oh. OK. I say and kiss him. He smiles cheeky. I love you. He says. I love you too. I say. I've got plans for you tonight. He whispers in my ear. I smile. OK. I giggle.

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