Letters to Harry: A Fanfiction

In the title


10. Chap.10

I put the beautiful necklace on and prance to get JJ ready. Mommy! Mommy! JJ yelled when I picked him up. Hey baby. I smile. Will was sitting in the floor holding a toy truck. Mum Will and I are playing cars! He smiles. Get dressed baby. We got plans. I say. Ok mum. He smiles. He grabs his clothes and runs to the bathroom. Where are you taking him? Will asks. Harry is going to be in town for a while so I'm taking JJ to see him. I say. Oh. Ok. He says. JJ runs back to the bedroom and jumps in my arms. Where are we going? JJ asks. To see Daddy. He's at Grandma Anne's house. I smile. Really? He asks. Yeah. I nod. Daddy! Daddy! Daddy! JJ chants. Now listen daddy's new wife will be with him. She is your step-mommy but you dont have to live her. I say. Will laughs. Mommy why does daddy not love you? JJ asks. Baby I dont know. Daddy just decided to not love mommy. But he does love you. I say. I love daddy to. He smiles. I go put him in his car seat as Will gets in his car. JJ smiles and sings "I'm going to see daddy! I'm going to see daddy!" Over and over. For a 4 year old he is smart. I think he gets it from Haz because he is so smart. Louis, Zayn, Liam, and Niall would also be with Harry. 

* @ Anne's*

I knock on the door. I hold JJ's hand as he was bouncing up and down. The door opens. ALEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!! Louis yells. Hey Louie. I smile. He pulls me into a hug. Lou! Who at the do-- Harry looks at JJ. JJ! Haz yells. He pushes past Lou and picks JJ up. He raps him in a big hug. Harry dont break him. I giggle. I'm sorry. I am just so happy to get to meet him.

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