Letters to Harry: A Fanfiction

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16. Chap. 16

Ni carried JJ to bed when we got back to my house then joined me in my room. Do you think we should do a Live Stream and tell the fans about us? He asks. Sure. I smile. He gets my laptop and tweets what we are doing then logs into live stream. Hi Crazy MoFo's. For a while I have been a single pringle and I just wanted to let you know I have found my princess. He smiles. Hi I am Aleah. I say. And Aleah is my princess. She is my amazing, beautiful, caring, sweet princess and no one can have her but me. Well I guess I have to share her with her little man JJ but he likes me so it isn't hard. Niall rambles on. I giggle. What? He asks. Your rambling on and on. I smile. Sorry your just perfect and JJ is my lil dude. He says.  I smiles and he leans in and kisses me. Mine. I smile. Always. He states. He shuts everything down and we cuddle up and fall sleep.

*Next Day*

I wake up to the sound of knocking on the door. I wiggle out of Niall's arms and walk downstairs. I open the door to see Harry and Queen Bitch. What do you want Harold? I ask. To see my son. He simply answers. Well he is in bed sick. Come back later. I say. No. He answers. Come on  baby you heard her lets go. Queen Bitch says. I SAID NO! Harry says. Shut the fuck up your child is sleeping. I say. MAKE ME! He says louder. I shut the door in their faces.



A/N Sorry it's so short. Probably just delete this book soon

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