We Shouldn't Do This

Normally, we want to stay away from trouble. But I guess sometimes, we can't escape. And I guess I was one of those people who got in trouble with love. I wonder how he got to me like he did. I told him over and over again,"We Shouldn't Do This"


3. The Store Disguise

                                        I woke up to find myself naked with Harry in his bed. I got up and put on my tank top and shorts. I heard a groan come from the bed. I turned around to see Harry awake on the bed with his beautiful curls sprawled across the bed. "Hello, love," he smirked as I bent over to pick up his boxers and threw them at him. He got up and slid them on as I watched. I bit my lip to keep from moaning as I admired his perfect body. I didn't realize I was staring. He came over to me and put his arms around my waist. "Like what you see?" he smirked against my lips. "Maybe I do," I licked his bottom lip. I felt his erection poke me which really turned me on. But I decided to play with him. I bit his lip and pulled away. I saw his eyes. They weren't emerald anymore. They were grey with lust. "I'm going to go get the check your mom sent in the mail," I grabbed Harry's gray hoodie and slid it on. I put my hair into a ponytail and put a pair of my black Ray Bans. No one could know that I was with Harry. I've been with him for 4 days now. My mom is probably worried sick. "When you get back, you're all mine," his strong arms slithered around me and he softly nibbled my ear. "Now go check my mail," he spank me out of the door. I looked down at the ground the whole way down the driveway. There's a lot of cops in this neighborhood. I finally reached the mailbox and searched through the envelopes. "Excuse ma'am," I looked up to see an officer in his car with his window rolled down. "Yes, officer," I walked up and faked a British accent. I was always good at doing that. "Have you seen this girl? She's been missing for 4 days. Her name is Harley Normand," the officer handed me a photo of myself. He didn't recognize me because my eyes and hair were covered. Should I tell him the truth? No. They would lock Harry up. I love him too much to see him in jail because I wanted to stay with him. "No. I'm sorry officer. I haven't seen her," I lied. "Okay. Well, if you do, call the police station any time," he drove off. I ran back into the house and Harry met me with his arms crossed. "Harley, what'd you tell the police?" he scolded. "That I haven't seen Harley Normand," I looked down. He lifted my chin up with his fingers. I looked into his eyes. They still had just a little lust left in them. "Why did you lie?" he whispered. "I can't see you in jail. I love you, Harry," I kissed his lips. "You really love me don't you?" he looked at me with love swimming in his eyes. "I really do," I wrapped my arms around his neck. "I really love you too," he kissed me ever so passionately. "How did you have such a big affect on me?" he licked my lips. "Well maybe it's because I don't have sex with you, I make love," I started leaving wet kisses all over his neck and running my hands up and down his chest. All the sudden, he pulled my clothes off, leaving me only in my bra and panties. He slid the hair bow out of my hair, letting it flow freely. He picked me up by my bottom and carried me to the bedroom.

                                                                      2 hours later

                                                 Harry put on a striped shirt and khakis apposed to his regular Pink Floyd leather jacket attire. I liked it. He looked so cute. I put on a white t-shirt and blue jeans along with earrings that were in the shape of teardrop. We had to look like a regular couple so that we wouldn't get noticed. "Let's go beautiful," he grabbed my hand and led me to the back of the house. I blushed. I always blushed when he called me beautiful. We went out the back door and he showed me his car. "So, here she is. I haven't named her yet. I think I'll name her Harley," he helped me into the black car. It had leather seats."We'll go to Target," he put his wallet into my purse. Oh no. My mom goes there almost every day. I was just about positive we were going to see her. The whole ride he kept making me laugh. When we finally arrived I asked him what we had to do. "We have to pretend to be madly in love," he explained. My heart sunk as I heard that word come out. I thought we were madly in love. "Right. Pretend," I mumbled and stepped out of the car. He got out and grabbed my hand. I kissed his cheek and did a little fake giggle.  We walked into the store and he got a buggy. "Let's go to the food first," he whispered in my ear. I nodded and giggled. "I love you," he kissed my cheek. "I love you too babe" We reached the food and we picked out some pizzas and tacos. When we were at the snacks I saw my mother. "Mom," I mumbled. Harry looked at me. "What?" he asked. I pointed to her. "That's my mom," I choked. He pulled me close and kissed me softly on the lips. "It's okay. You know I love you baby," he whispered. We were at the counter and I decided to get a pregnancy test. We haven't been using protection. He didn't have a condom and I never thought I would need the pill. We paid for the things and went back to the car. "I wasn't pretending to be madly in love with you," Harry admitted. "Me either," I took his hand. "I can't believe you didn't go straight to your mom," he chuckled. "Like I said, I love you," I pulled his chin to mine and kissed him softly.

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