We Shouldn't Do This

Normally, we want to stay away from trouble. But I guess sometimes, we can't escape. And I guess I was one of those people who got in trouble with love. I wonder how he got to me like he did. I told him over and over again,"We Shouldn't Do This"


5. Caught

                                               "And what did the girl say?" I asked. Harry and I sat on his bed. I had placed myself at the end of the bed while he leaned his back against the headboard. He had been telling me a story about one of his one night stands and I really didn't mind too much. "She said I was a sex god," he chuckled. I giggled as I saw his bare chest vibrate."Come here," he whispered. I crawled to him and sat in his lap. His hands sat upon my lap as I played with his fingers and laid my head on his shoulder. "I lo-" he was cut off by loud police sirens and a banging on the door. "Police! Open up!" a man demanded. I jumped off the bed and looked to Harry in horror. "Come on," he grabbed my hand and led me to the door. "Open it," he demanded. I did as he said and opened the door slowly. "Harley Normand. Where is he?" a police officer stood in front of me. "Who?" I grabbed Harry's hand behind the door. "Harry Styles," he answered. "Tell them Harley. For me," Harry whispered in my ear. I looked to him. "Wh-" I was interrupted my the officers bursting inside the door. Harry walked behind me and wrapped his arm around me. I buried my head in his shoulder and fisted his shirt in my fingers. "Let her go Styles," they hissed at him. "Stop it! He did nothing wrong! Don't touch him! I love him!"  I guarded. "It's okay Harley. We know he took you. He won't hurt you if you let go," they tried to help me. "No. You don't know the truth! It wasn't him," I walked up to the sheriff. I turned as I heard an "Ow" from behind. Two officers had taken Harry through the door. "NO!" I tried to run to him but a lady held me back. Tears started pouring as they put him in the car. "LET. ME. GO!" I wriggled from the officer's grasp and ran to his window. "Harry, what do I do?" I choked. "No matter what happens, tell the truth," he instructed. "Why?" "They can't hurt you if you tell them how it really went down," he answered. "I love you Harry," I cried. "I love you too," he grasped my hand. I kissed it as he was driven away. 

                                       "Harley!" I heard someone yell. I turned to see my mother running towards me. She hugged me tight. "Oh my God! Did that sick man hurt you?! Did he touch, feel, kiss you?! Are you still a virgin?!" she checked me for injuries. "Mom. He didn't take me. I went with him. Mom, I'm in love with him," I admitted. "What?! You went with him?! You could have been killed!" she yelled. "No. He loves me.I saw you at the store and Harry wanted me to go to you. I stayed with him. We made love, mom," I sighed. "You're not a virgin," she gasped. I shook my head. 

                                      "Hello beautiful" I turned to see Max. "What do you want? Last time I saw you Harry almost killed you," I crossed my arms. "Well, don't get an attitude. I just saved you from that man you've been with," he chuckled. "You called the cops on Harry!!!" I punched his jaw. He laughed and rubbed his jaw. "I just wanted to help a gorgeous female such as yourself,"  he pulled my waist against his. I pushed him to the ground. I've been taking classes with Harry on self defense. "Don't touch something that doesn't belong to you!" I shouted. "Harley, you don't belong to anyone," my mom placed a hand on my shoulder. The tears welled in my eyes. I yanked from her grasp. "I'm Harry's. And he's mine. We're in love. I thought when I found the one, you would be happy for me," I choked. "He's not the one. He took you," she said. "Good God! He didn't take me. May I tell the real story?" I asked. "I'll write it down," a female officer walked up. I told her every detail. From the bump on the sidewalk to the moment they crashed through the door. Just speaking of Harry and not being able to touch him brought tears and my cheeks were soaked by the end. "Mrs. Normand, I believe your daughter. She clearly is in love with Mr. Styles and he did not take her. Harley, we will let Harry go as soon as we compare the stories and have proof this is the truth," the officer winked to me. "Oh thank you, thank you, thank you ma'am!" I cheered. "Of course. You'll just have to wait a while. I promise, if he's clean, we'll get him to you before the end of today," she assured. 

                                                               2 hours later...

                                   It took a while, but mom agreed to let me stay with Harry. I was sitting on the beach, looking out over the sunset. The colors of the sky were beautiful. Orange, pink, and blue. All my favorite colors. My phone was in my back pocket, I was waiting for it to ring. "Beautiful sky tonight," I heard a deep, raspy voice behind me. I turned. "HARRY!!!!" I jumped into his arms and he spun me around. "I missed you so much baby," I cupped his face in my hands and kissed his lips as he put me down. "I missed you too. Harley, I was thinking in the waiting room of the police station, I love you. I REALLY love you. You are the reason I want to wake every morning. The one I want to hold. The one I want to make love to. Everyday with you have been the best of my life, and I want to have more of those days. Harley Madison Normand, Will you marry me?"


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