My "Worst" Day Ever

Casey Jones was a normal girl. Until her mother found a job to manage a world-famous boyband. The only problem is, is that she knows one of them. Once she sees him again after "The X-Factor" she PRAYS he doesn't recognize her.. But of course he does. What happens after she sees Harry again?


4. the new girl.

Liam's POV:

I couldn't wait for Jasmin to get here. Casey told me she was beautiful. She's said that she had long brown hair with bright green eyes. Almost like Harry, but without the dimples. I here a knock I the door, but I remember that Casey told me not to open the door, cause Jasmin will get VERY nervous and starstruck.

I couldn't blame her.


She walked into the house and I hear her enchanting voice ring through the house. She sounds beautiful. I already know the plan. Casey and Jasmin are going to stay downstairs and talk, and I'm going to "randomly" come down the stairs for a snack. We're going to see eachother and fall in love. Or at least I hope.


I walk down and, my God she's beautiful. And she hasn't even turned around yet. Ugh if only she know that.


Harry's pov: Casey is so beautiful. Helping people with relationships was something she always loved doing. And now that she's helping out Liam, she'll be famous for it.


Casey pov:

I wanna tell Harry so bad. I wanna tell him that I'm leaving in..... 4 days....


Hey loves!!!!!! I know I haven't been posting and im sooooooooooooooooooooooooo sorry!!!! ill post a second part RIGHT AFTER this one :) Love you guys!!

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