My "Worst" Day Ever

Casey Jones was a normal girl. Until her mother found a job to manage a world-famous boyband. The only problem is, is that she knows one of them. Once she sees him again after "The X-Factor" she PRAYS he doesn't recognize her.. But of course he does. What happens after she sees Harry again?


5. Chapter 5


 Casey's pov: What am I going to dooo?? My bestfriend is here to meet Liam, I'm in my room, and the rest of the boys are in the guest room watching the telly. I walk into the guest room, feeling scared as ever. "Harry, um, can I uhh- can I talk to you? In my room??" "Sure love."


My room : "Harry, I need to tell you something..... I uhh- I-I'm..."  " Oh god Casey are you pregnant?!?!?!?!"  "OHHHH nooo. I just need to tell you that.. I'm leaving.. "  "leaving where??"

"America... "


"......... four days.... "


" Harry its not like im leaving for THREE YEARS LIKE YOU DID!!!!"

"  *siiiigggghhhhhhh* well, how long are you going to be gone??"

"not that long"

"how . Long. Casey. "

" a week and a half.. "

CAS- Casey, come on, I haven't seen you in 3 years and I just got here, and I wan- "

" Then come with me.... I mean I have an extra plane ticket. It was for my mom, but you know, now she can't come..

"I don't know... I mean the boys, and-"

"they can come too. I have the money to buy them tickets."


Harry's pov: I can't have her spend her money to buy 4 plane tickets to America. Maybe I can pay? Ugh I don't know..

"I can pay for there tickets" I say. " NO. you're not paying for four plane tickets to America, its my trip, IM PAYING!" She demands. She's so dang STUBORN!

"Okay, but there my best mates, can I at least pay for half"








"ha! I know you'd give in" I chuckle. "I love you. haha"

"I love you too, beautiful." I say, while giving her a gigantic hug, then a kiss on the lips.

"we should go see how Liam and Jasmin are hitting off." I say into the kiss.

"yes, we should" she replies






Liam's pov:

SHES SO BEAUTIFUL! I just want to hug her and kiss her all over.

 Jasmin's pov:

I hope he likes me... I mean I've loved him since 2010......





 ooohhhh what'll happen next?!?!?!?! I'll update tomorrow!!!





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