My "Worst" Day Ever

Casey Jones was a normal girl. Until her mother found a job to manage a world-famous boyband. The only problem is, is that she knows one of them. Once she sees him again after "The X-Factor" she PRAYS he doesn't recognize her.. But of course he does. What happens after she sees Harry again?


1. Meeting them

Eck. Monday. Well, I guess I have to go to school. I jumped into the shower, letting the warm water hit my back. After I got out, I got dressed into a baggy but cute heart sweat-shirt, leggings, and red toms. I brushed out my long blonde hair and put it into a side braid. because it was still wet. I put a small amount of makeup on, and ran donwnstairs for breakfast. Then I heard laughter coming from the living room. I decided to go really slow , so I could see who it was. then I saw 5 boys that looked my age, and my mom talking to them. Then. I saw him. I could recognize those curls anywhere. luckily, his back was towards me. I snuck into the kitchen and grabbed a muffin. but when the refrigerator opened, a plastic container fell out. I quickly squatted down so no one would see me and shut the refrigerator door quietly but quickly. No one saw me, thank GOD.

I should tell you guys about myself. Well, My name is Casey Jones and I was originally born in England. I moved to America because my mom was a offered a great job. She quit when she was offered a Job to work for a famous boyband. We had moved back England last month so she could manage the group. 

I got up, hoping nobody saw me, but just to my luck, they all saw me. I saw my mum  standing there with the rest of them. I looked at all of their faces. they were all very very attractive. then I saw him. we locked eyes and he just stared. I tried looking away but its the green eyes that kill me from looking away every time. The all introduced themselves. "Hello I'm Liam" "Hi I'm Zayn" "Hey I'm Louis" so far they were all british. "Wassup. I'm Niall" the blonde one said with a very thick Irish accent. "Hey I-" I cut him off mid sentence :" Yeah I know your Harry" 'So you too have met before? Where?' Liam said. We both looked at each other. Then he looked down at my neck and noticed the necklace. 'You kept it all these years?' He asked. 'Of course I did Harry. So we were in Grade 2 together and we were really great friends. We were best friends all the way up to grade 9. He asked me to be his girlfriend. Of course I said yes. He gave me this necklace and this promise ring. He went to audition for the X-Factor and he didn't come back. This is the first time if seen him in 3 years and I left this necklace on those 3 years and never took it off.' He looked at me and smiled. I smiled back and he came to hug me. I gladly accepted and whiffed in his scent. "same cologne I guess" I said. 'Of course. We broke the hug and told them my name. "Hi. I'm Casey Jones. Its so nice to meet you." 'Well its nice to meet you too' they all said in unison. I showed them around the house. the I looked  at the clock. 7:48. Crap I've gotta get to school. 'Bye Mum!' I yelled. "Wait! Casey! you're not going to public school anymore.' 'WHAT?!?! why??' I asked. 'Because this a world famous boyband and if anyone found out that you're hanging around with them, everyone will come find them.'  'Oh. Ok.' "So it looks like you can hang out with the boys from now on." YYAAYYY! this is going to be so much fun! 'Ok!' I led them up to my room and we all sat down on the bed. I sat in between Harry and Liam. Harry got really close to me, and wrapped his big arm around my waist. 'Can I talk to you in private please, Harry?' "Of course love" I took him into the family office room. "so.." 'Well. We need to catch up Haz!! how have you been?' "I've really been missing my family and friends. And well, I've been missing you" He missed me?? "I've missed you too!!" I said giving him a big hug. This feels so much like grade 10.


*AUTHOR'S NOTE* well this is my first Fanfic you guys!!! please read it! it would mean so much to me if you did! I'll update soon! love you all! xx

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