The Heros Quest Chronicles: Orehs Adventure by Megan McClung

The world is changing, and nothing anyone can do will stop it. Only the Hero's of legend can keep the world from falling into darkness and despair. Will they succeed? Or will they fail and plunge the world of Arantarios into a never ending cycle of terror?


3. Chapter 1: Introduction

Present day


  "The story I am about to tell you of is the tale of how Oreh first met Mouse, and one of the adventures they had togeather. It all started in a little town called Farland. The people there had decided to try and live in peace with the evil frost dragons of Storm Mountain; and Oreh (like usual), got chased out of town because he had decided to walk the stupid path (again) and hunt one of the dragons. So there he was, being chased out of town (once again), into the middle of a killer forest." Sinking into memory I recounted the tale.

*   *   *   *


(still Oreh)

  The forest was dark and dank. Shadows seemed to jump out of nowhere, startling me out of my wits. Howling moans filled the air around me, echoing into my bones. Mist swirls around the trees, filtering the little light that found its way through the thick overhanging branches into a strange green glow. Yellow eyes seemed to watch my every move. I dared not rest for fear of not awaking.

  This continued for days, I lost track of how long I wandered through that infernal forest. Then, one day, I heard a strange sound. It was different from the noises I was starting to become used to; erie and it seemed to echoing the trees. Without thanking I yanked my sword from its sheath and turned in circles trying to keep the sound in front of me. And one the process, I lost track of which direction I had come from.

  "Who's there?!" I shouted, my eyes open wide in fear. I had no way to track down the mysterious sound. But who, or whatever it was didn't answer. I stayed in a fighters crouch, shifting my weight from foot to foot for what felt like hours; until I finally relaxed enough to continue on my way. I lowered my sword and looked up, and then cursed; realizing I had lost track of which direction I was heading towards. at the moment I was startled by the sound of a small humanoid voice coming from somewhere ahead of me.

  "Put that sticker down or you'll be sorry!" I heard someone announce.

  "Whose there?!" I asked again, furious at myself for letting my guard back down, even if it was just for a moment.

  "Try looking down here," the same mysterious voice replied; then grumbling softly said, "Humans. they never look down for danger. or up for that matter. always so arrogant thinking they know everything about everything..." etc.

  Startled, I did what she said and looked down. she was right, in a place like this, just looking at eye level could be very problematic.

  "your...a...a Pryllanisk?" I said once I got a good look at the small form in front of me. I was mystified. for one of her kind to how themselves to those not of their own world was a very rare occurrence. in fact, it hadn't happened in so long, that people were starting to once again believe that they didn't even exist in the first place. So much for that theory. I thought to myself.

  "Ignorant as well as stupid!" she exclaimed, shocked. "its pronounced Pryll-ah-neye-sk, not Pryll-ah-nisk! Sheash." she shook her head at me, sighing and muttering about how humans are always 'so ignorant', never paying attention and so forth. that's when I noticed she was sitting on the back of a badger. She was also armed, and despite the fact that her foot of height wasn't that impressive, I kinda felt intimidated by her. she was armed, that alone would do the trick for nearly anyone who wasn't accustomed to seeing weapons. she had waist length golden hair, which framed her face perfectly. Her slanted eyes, curved eyebrows, and high cheek bones reminded me of an elf, but she had the strong determined chin of a human. She wore a leather band around her forehead to keep her hair out of her eyes.

  "I am very sorry for the mistake, I am sure it wont happen again" I said politely to her. "I should introduce myself; my name is Oreh, and you are...?"

  "Ah, a name dost be a strange and mysterious thing me lad." another voice said, causing me to draw my sword once more.

  "Roseylla!! I told you to be quite. you don't want to scare the stupid creature do you?" the Pryllanisk said staring at her badger incredulously.

  "Hey!" I replied, slightly hurt by her comment.

  "Actually," the badger replied, (I couldn't get over the shock of hearing an animal talk) "I do want t'be scaring 'im. It be fun ye know. 'Asides, it do'ent be my fault tha' he be stupid."

(A/N: the badger is speaking with a Scottish accent, the Pryllanisk English)

  "Roseylla, stop antagonizing the human!" she said, glaring at her badger.

  "Aye Mouse," Rose responded sarcastically. "Whate'er ye say, ye be th' boss."

  "You have an interesting pet, Mouse," I said not realizing that Rose was her companion, NOT her pet.

  "How dare ye!" Rose exclaimed, "How dare ye call me a pet ye know-nothin' poor excuse of a human!"

  "He didn't mean it my friend," Mouse said, patting Roses back.

  "Aye, he'd better not 'ave." Rose grumbled, tossing me a glance that had me feeling as though I had been

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