River and her Doctor

River and The Doctor traveling together.


1. Make sure you're alone

    River pulled a lever on the TARDIS and pushed a button. The TARDIS started shaking and River started falling. She grabbed the collar of her husband's jacket, as to keep herself from falling, but she just took him down with her.  He fell right on top of her."so, Professor River Song. What do you think it is?"the Doctor said, after he got up expecting her to be clueless. "You just WON'T turn the brakes off." She said teasingly. She put a hand on his shoulder and slowly got her face closer to his, until they were just a centimeter apart, then said "but really,Doctor. Turn the brakes off. "  She then turned around, and hit a lever. "Ok. Now we can get to business." She said. She walked over to him and wrapped her arms around his neck, and startedshe started snogging him madly. She sat on the TARDIS console"Alright." Said River. She jumped down from the console. "River Song." "Yes, Sweetie?" She said. she turned around. He was right behind her. He snogged her again, then broke away. "Oh my God " Said Amy, who had witnessed everything from the staircase. "I did not just see that!"

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