Tessa, Dean, and Zach live in a world of angels and demons and monsters alike. Zach is the next King Reaper (aka Death) but doesn't know it yet until his knight Mark drops in unexpectedly and breaks the news. Tessa, who is Zach's girlfriend, happens to be a nelphim ( possibly the last alive) and she does not know it until the mysterious, difficult, and gorgeous Dean kidnaps her; a fallen angel whose destiny gets tangled with Zach's and Tessa's.well guys this is my first time ever writing a story like this, so im kind of nervous lol. Well I wrote this on my ipod so there might be grammatical errors that I haven't fixed ( that and im too lazy to fix them lol). I haven't developed the characters a 100 percent because like I said im very new to this type writing world, but I wish to get better and develop my characters amazingly thanks to you guys... well who ever does read this lol. I would love to get some advice in writing and whatever you guys can help me with. Thank you very much


1. Beginnigs

Zach: P.O.V

I swiped my hands across the green grass and as it passed the grass wilted, dead and gray like everything else around me. Dead and gray. I knew I didn't belong here, belong in this world but I couldn't do anything I didn't have anyone to show me how to use this power I had that would eventually end in death. "What's with you these days Zach?" Tessa said abruptly, making me jump almost  two feet back. I quickly turned around hiding the patch of dead grass with my feet, " Woah! Babe how did you even find me here, wait did you follow me?" She blushed and looked down, something she always did when she did something wrong, a habit I had begun to consider cute. "It's just that I've been worried about you Zach you've been disappearing so much lately and sometimes," her voice cracked, " I think it's because of me and it kills me inside." She looked up at me tears threatening to spill out of her eyes. Damn it Zach now you got your girlfriend crying, real smooth I thought. I smiled and walked over to her, " look at me babe," I said softly as I lifted her chin up carefully so she could see my face," You will never and are not hurting me, I just came out here to think; you know how my baby brothers in the hospital it's just been increasingly hard on me seeing him so sick." I was glad I squeezed some truth into that, but it was another reason my life was so dead and gray. Tessa just nodded and stared at me with her beautiful golden brown eyes that always reminded me of a setting sun. She was spectacular, with her perfect smile that could make the most depressed people happy for once and ever after. Her light caramel skin that always brought out the color of her eyes intensifying them. Her shiny brown hair that fell to her shoulders that she was always proud of. She was so damn beautiful and I was glad she was mine, she had become an anchor to my sanity. "You know what Tess," I said as a smile began to peel across my face ," How about we go to the park tomorrow? I think I owe you some time, another date, to um make up the last one." Tessa just laughed ," Yeah I think you do."


Zach:: P.O.V

We started walking through a lush green  park where the trees curved and the branches connected with each other like a natural dome. the wind was blowing slightly but cool enough to send a nice chill throughout my body and rattle the green leaves. The sky was darkening, ready to finally release all their sorrow down upon us and  the rest of the world surrounding us. Tessa finally broke our silence," Your doing it again," she said eying me suspiciously," Zach I'm no idiot I know there has to be something else bothering you, one minute your you and then the next your a zombie apparently in thinking wonderland seriously what's up?" I  laughed ," well to start things off I'm not a zombie and like I said Tess I've had a lot of things on my mind and... You know what never mind I don't want to talk about things that will make you sad alright? This is to make up our last date not make it worse." I laughed again trying to ease out the tension that was starting to grow more rapidly then I wanted it too. She stopped and eyed me again, obviously not buying it," hey we can make it up any time, I just want to know that your fine," I couldn't help but love how she did that, how she cared so much for me like I was the only person for her and she was the only person for me. I gave in, " Fine I'll tell you everything but right now lets enjoy our time together,". Just then the gray clouds roared to life igniting the world in white light and drops of rain as cold as icicles began to hit my shoulder. Tessa shuddered, her golden brown hair already soaked from the hard rain coming down in a heavy drizzle thanks to the trees. I pulled her close to me so she could find warmth with me but I wouldn't be surprised if all she felt coming from me was a killer cold. I pulled her closer so that she could hear my heart beat as her head rested against my chest. I looked down at her and we locked eyes, the water dripping down from her long black eyelashes gave her eyes a sad look or maybe the sadness had already been there. The thunder roared and as the white flash came I looked at Tessa  in the ghastly light and kissed her. She  wrapped her arms around my neck as I wrapped mine around her waist pulling her closer to me so I could feel her heat in the cold rain. We were both soaking wet, but that mattered little now since it felt like we were in our own universe drowning out the rest of the world around us. We only concentrated on each other: the movement of my lips against hers and our bodies that fell into each other naturally as if our bodies were created for each other. I kissed her harder and she returned my force by grazing my lower lip, holding on and pulling back slightly while letting go. I grinned and put my forehead against hers, " have I ever told you that your an amazing kisser?" She giggled and said, " No, but you never had to I already knew." She winked at me as she bit her lower lip. I managed another smile before I couldn't help myself but kiss her again. Her body burned against mine in the icy rain; her hands traced a path of fire wherever she touched me- and that was most of my upper body- I couldn't help but release a moan. I suddenly stiffened, the sky roared again and the ominous white light returned but this time I could feel a presence and it definitely wasn't a good one. The white light left leaving a man as it passed. He was a tall and lean male but not extremely skinny he was also wearing a tuxedo, which was an interesting choice of wear to be outside in a park especially since it was raining. His skin was pale white almost like parchment paper and he was surprisingly handsome with jet black hair that made his complexion stand out more then it should have. He smiled but his smile was no where near friendly or warm in fact it seemed to make the world around me colder and made the hair on the back of my neck stand up. He spoke, his voice was calm in the hard rain and even though the rain was loud, for some reason I could hear him as if he was talking to me in a completely silent and isolated room.  " So what do we have here Zach, PDA hmm I see you're quite active, if you catch my drift," he winked at me and it set me off like a wildfire, "Who the hell are you and how do you even know my name," I snapped back at him yelling over the falling rain that sounded like I was right next to a waterfall. "You know what you can just leave, we don't need you here." The man grinned sinisterly unnerving me some more, "we? Last time I checked it was just you." I froze, letting the rain hit my body like bullets as my blood slowly started turning to ice, I didn't know what to do, Tessa, my love, had just been ripped from my hands and I hadn't even noticed, how could I have been so stupid! Between my clenched teeth I  growled," where is Tessa! You have a minute to tell me before I shove my foot up your ass," I was shaking now letting an anger I didn't even know I had possess me. "Now, now Mr. Zachariah I would watch how you talk to me you don't want anything happening to your precious Tessa now would you," his eyes glowed an unnatural blue color as he spoke that sentence in a warning tone. I grit my teeth suppressing the urge to lunge at him and beat his face in with a bat but I quickly calmed down knowing this man had Tessa." Alright," I said in my calmest voice I could manage at the time," What do you want?" The cold eerie smile he gave me after that made me instantly want to regret the fact that I had ever asked that question and if it weren't for him having Tessa I probably would have. "We have a lot to talk about Mr. Zachariah," he said with unmistakable joy," King of the Dead."


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