Tessa, Dean, and Zach live in a world of angels and demons and monsters alike. Zach is the next King Reaper (aka Death) but doesn't know it yet until his knight Mark drops in unexpectedly and breaks the news. Tessa, who is Zach's girlfriend, happens to be a nelphim ( possibly the last alive) and she does not know it until the mysterious, difficult, and gorgeous Dean kidnaps her; a fallen angel whose destiny gets tangled with Zach's and Tessa's.well guys this is my first time ever writing a story like this, so im kind of nervous lol. Well I wrote this on my ipod so there might be grammatical errors that I haven't fixed ( that and im too lazy to fix them lol). I haven't developed the characters a 100 percent because like I said im very new to this type writing world, but I wish to get better and develop my characters amazingly thanks to you guys... well who ever does read this lol. I would love to get some advice in writing and whatever you guys can help me with. Thank you very much

The author has rated this movella as yellow, meaning it is inappropriate for users under the age of 13.
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