Expect the Unexpected

Gabriella is moving schools the summer before her junior year, do to the fact that her parents have just gotten divorce. Gabriella is a shy quite girl and has trouble making friends and meeting new people, and that fact the she moved from Florida to California doesnt help either. But things change for gabriella when she meets this boy, who will change her world.


1. Prologue


"Come on sweetie, we have to get going"

My mom called from the living room in our two story condo, over looking the sunny beaches of Miami Florida. I was sitting on the window bench in my room trying to take it all in one last time before leaving.  I have never experienced a worse feeling then the one I was experiencing this current moment.  My parents have just gotten divorced, my dad didn't want any custody over me, and I was now leaving the few friends I currently had to move across the United States to California, where my moms new job was.  The only plus was that I will still have beaches and surfing.

"I'm coming!!" 

I yelled back quickly, as I picked up what currently remained of my old life and ran downstairs to meet her in the car.

"Are you ready? This is going to be great your going to have so much fun in California, I can't wait!"

My mom said cheerfully


I lied while trying to fake the best smile I could.  We drove for what felt like years, until we reached the sunny state of California.  The GPS was telling us to turn at the next exit in order to get to our destination.  As we got of the ramp and off the highway I saw a sign that read Huntington Beach, Surf City USA.  I knew from this moment on my life was over.



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