If you could see me now

Despite their rocky relationship, Sheelagh Murphy leaves her husband to start a new life with Des Taviner. But how will everything turn out, when Des' past is catching up with him?


3. Locker room chat

"Hiya Sheelagh, why are you in such a hurry?" Acting Detective Inspector Samantha Nixon asked curiously, watching as the sargeant rushed into the locker room, to get changed. Sheelagh quikcly glanced over at her, already pulling her sweater over her head. She had always felt like they were at the same wavelength, though Samantha was her senior officer. "Oh, I'm just meeting an old friend of mine, Guv."  She hated lying, especially to someone she liked, but she couldn't tell her that she was staying the night at Des' place. "No need for the formalities, we're off duty. Just call me Sam." The tiny blonde smiled warmly. "Cheers, Sam. What about you, do you have any plans for tonight? A hot date?" Sheelagh returned the smile. The DI really liked Sheelagh, after all, the Irish woman had saved her daughter's life, but there was just something special about her. "Yeah, with my telly and a cuppa. So, going down to the pub, are you?" "Err, I can't." Sheelagh put her hands on her stomach, as she announced: "I'm pregnant." At first Samantha gasped lighty, but that promptly turned into a grin: "Oh, Sheelagh! Congratulations! How far gone are you?" "Nearly four months." "Would you pass my congratulations on to Patrick?" A bit flustered, the mother-of-four-to-be looked down. "What's wrong, Sheelagh?" Her grin faded. Sargeant Murphy swallowed hard: "It's not his. There's no way it could be..." She sighed and turned her back to the other woman. "I've been having an affair." "Wha-?" Sam stopped herself. She didn't want to sound judgemental, but she had a hard time finding the right words. "Is it still going on?" "Actually... I've just said yes to move into his house." Could it be? Sheelagh Murphy, the Irish Sargeant, the faithful catholic. Married for more than twenty years, which had brought along three children. She was the least selfish person she had ever met, but it seemed like she finally put herself first. Since her first day at the station, you could sense that she wasn't really happy, she just accepted things as they were, and tried to make everyone else happy. Sam didn't know the man, she just hoped her colleague was making the right decision about leaving her husband. "Please, don't tell anyone about the pregnancy. You're the only one in the station that knows." Sheelagh's voice was low, a bit shaky, it made her nervous that the DI wasn't speaking. "Of course not!" Sam yelled after her, as the uniformed officer sped off.

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