If you could see me now

Despite their rocky relationship, Sheelagh Murphy leaves her husband to start a new life with Des Taviner. But how will everything turn out, when Des' past is catching up with him?


1. Doubts

"I didn't think I could handle being a father, but I was wrong, I can... I mean, what else have I got besides you and the baby? My life wouldn't mean anything." Des Taviner watched as his senior officer, sargeant Sheelagh Murphy, turned her back to him, pressing her temples. The small woman was trying to figure out if this was another one of his lies. How badly she wanted to believe him, she had her doubts. Was he really ready to put his past as womaniser behind him? "There's more to it than that. The kids. Patrick." Distressed, she walked to Des' backside, somehow hoping time would stop, so she had time to think. The PC turned around, so he was only inches from the side of her face. "Leave him." Shocked, she looked up at the scouser. "I'll treat the kids as they were my own. I'll do anything, as long as I have you, Sheelagh." He was almost pleading her. "Des..." He took her head between his hands, and for just a moment, they did nothing but look at each other. Des wasn't sure what he felt for the Irish sargeant, he just knew he wanted her, no, he had a burning desire to be with her, to get lost forever in her big, blue eyes. "You're not going to say no to me, are ya?" his voice was calmer than he expected. "No... No, I'm not" Sheelagh was as surprised by her answer as he was. Des could not hide the small grin that spread across his face, as the petite blonde rested her head on his shoulder, and he held her tightly.

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