If you could see me now

Despite their rocky relationship, Sheelagh Murphy leaves her husband to start a new life with Des Taviner. But how will everything turn out, when Des' past is catching up with him?


2. Decisions, decisions.

"You should get down to Spencer Street with PC Hollis. An elderly man asked for you, and..." The sargeant part of Sheelagh was speaking, they were in the nick after all, but Des' mind was filled with anything but work. He cut her off: "Err, I was thinking... do you fancy moving into my house? It's not exactly Buckingham palace, but a woman's touch would definately help." The question was awkward and utterly unexpected, you could see that from the look on her face. "Slow down, Des. I haven't even told Patrick yet, and the last thing I want, is him finding out from someone else, that the baby isn't his. And the inspector doesn't even know about my pregnancy yet." The Irish woman swallowed hard, what was she going to tell her husband of twenty-three years? There hadn't been any problems, and they had three beautiful kids together, but she couldn't offer him a wife that loved another man more. The risk was one she just had to take, she had sinned, comitted adultery. Patrick didn't deserve to be married to someone who was pregnant with another man's baby. Sure, she still cared for the man, but she wasn't in love anymore. Leaving him was for the best, she just hoped her children would be alright about it. "Des, are you ready? We've got a shout, remember?" Reg Hollis burst through the door to the sargeants room, knowing he would probably find Des there. Reg had had his suspucions for a while now, seeing the two officers growing closer. Des had also told him he was seeing a married woman, but refused to reveal who it was. "Have no one ever taught you to knock, Reggie babe?" They were mates as well as colleagues. "Better be heading over there, sarge. Catch you later." The scouser winked and clicked his tongue, then went off with the other PC. Through the blinds, Sheelagh watched as the pair dissapeared down the corrider. To this day she still wondered how they got along so well, considering how different they were. Reg always looked nice and tidy, with his hair slicked to the side, perhaps a little too well, because it always looked greasy. Des was more outrageous, she still hadn't figured out if he shaved his head for fashion, or because it was easier. But attractive, there was no doubt he was that. He was a real man, unlike Patrick, and there was just a special feeling about being in his strong arms. Des was never afraid of anything, and he never hestitated to use force, which was one his faults. She was certain she could look past that, though, as he was only like that on the job. Yes, she had made up her mind, now there was only the matter of telling Patrick...

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