Beneath Your Beautiful (a Harry Styles fanfic)

Looking back. Replaying a story, when Jo is forced into a auction for charity by her best friend Lizzie, her world gets turned upside down. Can one night really change her life forever? Will one curly haired boy be able to show her how beautiful she really is, and what it means to be loved?
You've carried on so long, You couldn't stop if you tried it.
You've built your wall so high That no one could climb it, But I'm gonna try.
Would you let me see beneath your beautiful?
Would you let me see beneath your perfect? Take it off now, girl, take it off now, girl
I wanna see inside.
Would you let me see beneath your beautiful tonight?


3. Dinner

Thoughts of Tom still lingered in my mind as I headed to the parking lot. 

Lizzie already waiting patiently beside my car. "Hey I invited a few people to dinner with us. Is that okay?" Lizzie asked, as I unlocked the door. 

"The more the merrier!" I smiled hopping in on my side. 

"Oh good," Lizzie chuckled. I shook my head at her childish behavior and drove off. 

~skipping the boring car ride~ 

I got out of my car and began to walk to the doors. A boy held it open and winked at me as I walked by. "Thank you." I smiled politely. 

"You are welcome." He chuckled. Lizzie soon caught up with me. "That boy was totally checking you out!" Lizzie smirked. "No way!" I denied. 

"Oh yes he was! He wanted to get a piece of the Jo pie!" She laughed, "whatever." I laughed elbowing her side. Lizzie's phone began to ring. "Hello?" She answered. 

I heard a muffled reply then she said, "okay, thanks. I'll see you in a minute." She said in her artificial flirty voice. She hung up and I burst into laughter. "What?!" I she asked staring at me with red cheeks. "Okay, thanks. See you in a minute!" I said over exaggerated girly tone, while twirling my hair. She blushed profusely. "Did I sound that desperate?" Lizzie asked with wide eyes. 

"Maybe a little. But I mite have over exaggerated a little." We burst into fits of laughter. 

"Excuse me!" The women at the desk coughed trying to get our attention. 

"Oh, sorry. We had reservations. Our friends are already back there." Lizzie spoke holding back laughter. 

"Fine, go." She glared at me as we walked away.

We got to our table and there sat five boys. And just not any boys. One Direction! 

I know I shouldn't be freaking out. I was going on a date with one of them tomorrow! but still! I mean look at them! I've decided I'm going to try my best to act as sane as possible.   

"Hi!" Lizzie said, her artificial flirt voice peeking out of her normal tone. 

"Hey!"' They all replied. I smiled and sat next to Lizzie. Liam on my other side. 

Harry in front of me and Niall on Lizzie's other side. 

"So are you ready for tomorrow?" Louis asked with a chuckle. He sounded lke I should be preparing for war! "What's tomorrow?" I replied. 

"You're date... With Harry." Zayn said. 

Oh god I probably sounded stupid! "Oh yeah, that. Um... I guess." I shrugged not really knowing how to answer the question. 

Harry smirked. "What about you Lizzie?" Liam asked. 

"Totally!" She chirped. Maybe a little to enthusiastic. 

A waitress to our order and glared at Lizzie and I as she walked off. I texted Lizzie hiding my phone under the table.

Me: "what's up with everyone? They act like we killed some one!" 

From Lizzie: "I know! It's weird!" 

We looked at each other and shrugged. As the narrator  on the tootsie pop commercial says, "the world may never know!" 

Our food came soon after. And I had a strange feeling that the waitress spit in the food. 

Basically because she smirked and was waiting for me to take a bite.  

"Um... I don't think I'm hungry." I said, shoving my plate forward a little. 

Her smirk dropped before she said, "oh, that's okay. Here ill take that off you're hands. Would you like some more water?" Batting her eyelashes at the boys innocently. "No thank you." I smiled. She sashayed away. "What was that about?" Niall said an eyebrow raised. 

"Nothing. Nothing at all."

"Okay..." Harry said, obviously not believing me. 

Dinner ended and I had a feeling that Lizzie would want Niall to walk her to the car,so I stayed behind a few minutes going to the "bathroom" while they left. 

After two minutes of fixing my hair in the mirror I came out. 

"Finally." Harry said standing outside the door. 

"What are you doing here? Shouldn't you be leaving already?"  

"I thought I would stay behind and walk you to you're car." He said pushing his hands deep inside his pockets. 

"Oh, okay." 

And with that we began to walk out the door. Everyone ether smiling brightly at me or giving me  death glares as I walked past,  Harry close by my side. 

I shook it off and put my mind on other things. 

"So Harry... Why did you choose me?" I asked.

"um well," he was about to answer, but as soon we stepped out of the restaurant and lights flashed  in every direction temporarily blinding me. 

Harry pulled me close and pushed past the crowd of paparazzi. 

"Sorry about that." He muttered glaring back at the paps that still lingered behind us. 

"It's alright." I began rubbing my eyes. 

"See ya tomorrow?" He smiled. 

"See you tomorrow!" I agreed and we split up to our on cars. 

Lizzie waited by my car her face is what looked of pure joy. 

"Why so happy?" I asked raising an eyebrow. 

She stared off I got the sky. Her hand then placed on her cheek. "He kissed my cheek..." She marveled. A little over dramatic for just a kiss on the cheek if you ask me. 

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