Beneath Your Beautiful (a Harry Styles fanfic)

Looking back. Replaying a story, when Jo is forced into a auction for charity by her best friend Lizzie, her world gets turned upside down. Can one night really change her life forever? Will one curly haired boy be able to show her how beautiful she really is, and what it means to be loved?
You've carried on so long, You couldn't stop if you tried it.
You've built your wall so high That no one could climb it, But I'm gonna try.
Would you let me see beneath your beautiful?
Would you let me see beneath your perfect? Take it off now, girl, take it off now, girl
I wanna see inside.
Would you let me see beneath your beautiful tonight?


2. Cross My Heart

"You have to Josie!" 

Lizzie whined, while stomping her foot with frustration. "I already told you! It's demeaning to women!" Lizzie had signed me up for the bachelorette auction, with out my approval.  

"But all the money goes to charity." I let out a sigh of pure defeat, she sniggered as she found my weakness. 

"Only for charity!" I warned pointing my finger at her with a wide eyes. "Only for charity." She crossed her heart,  a grin plastered across her face. 


I stared in the mirror. The girl I saw staring back was....Beautiful.  

My brown hair cascaded down my back in loose curls, My eye never seemed 

to be this vibrant of a blue. I shook my head looking away.

Not wanting to exam myself further, in fears of realizing how imperfect I am. I glanced back one time before I was called back stage. The director of the event made us line up in rows. All these girls were gorgeous and I was the immature, clumsy, imperfect girl named Jo. "Alright ladies! It show time!" The director beamed and scrambled out on to stage. Girl after girl went on stage being auctioned off one after the other. There was an overwhelming amount of celebrity's at the event. Which didn't seem to help my nerves. "Next up we have the lovely miss Lizzie Jones!" Lizzie gave me a frightening look, but I reassured her with a wink while holding up my crossed fingers. She nodded before stepping on stage. Right away the prices sky rocketed within minutes they were biding in the thousands. " ten thousand!" Some one shouted out. Lizzie's eyes went wide. She had gotten the biggest bid of the night. She looked at me with pure excitement. And then I knew why. The announcer smiled wildly before saying. "And. Sold to Niall Horan!" My mouth dropped. No surprise Lizzie was by far the prettiest girl here. "Next up. The beautiful miss Josie Lynne!"  Ugh my name even sounds stupid. I gulped hard as my nerves began to get worse. As I walked on stage I could feel everyone watching me, the stage lights beamed on me creating an unwanted blinding to where I could barely see past the stage. "Lets start the biding!" In not even a second later some one shouted out  nine hundred. Then the thousands came quick the battle was between a young boy who was quite handsome if you asked me, and a mystery man in the back. The bidding went past Lizzie's number of the thousand soon after, causing confusion to rush over me. 

I heard a screeching of a chair and some one stood up. " twenty five thousand!" Gasps erupted every. "Going once... Going twice... SOLD! To Harry Styles!" 

What? I walked off stage my eyes wide and my mouth a gape. 

"Lucky!" Some girl whined as I walked by. But I ignored the fact she was even talking to me.  

"The Harry freaking STYLES!" Lizzie screamed. I nodded still unsure if it was true. 

The event was soon over and I was leaving.  I walked out the backstage door when I saw some one come up beside me. 

"Hello love." The man spoke in a husky voice. 

"Um.... Hi?" I said nervously. I squinted my eyes trying to make out who the stranger was. 

 "I'm Tom, Tom Hammond." 

"I'm Josie, but you can call me Jo."

I came out into the lights of the city. My eyes quickly placed on Tom. He was the one who was bidding against Harry. 

"See you around, Jo." He smirked, then walked off.  

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