eyes that lie

when one direction move into a house that use to be nialls great grand father but sherley doesnt appreciate them moving in... themaids been living there so they know what the house is all about ..would they tell niall and the boys about sherley? what will happen when zayn opens the forbidding door? would someone fall in love with something that is not there


14. wheres harry??





"okay just tell us so we can leave" i said with attitude since i wanted to see sherley again

"i already told you i was taking care of you" mandy said to me annoyed 

i have to say im finding windy pretty cute but the way louis is looking at her im pretty sure he likes her too

"okay guys listen up you can not trade maids and you can not touch the maids"scar said looking straight at me

"windy go with louis..now louis she will do what you ask her to do but you cant touch her or make her go outside" she said once again

"alex go with niall and niall same rules apply to you too" scar said

"yes" i heard niall say in a whisper

"mandy go with harry..and harry you better not try no funny stuff with mandy" she said all i did was look at mandy and back at wiindy i blocked her out by that time

we ate dinner and i left upstairs i seen the forbitten door and i remember that sherley told me was living in a locked room so i decided to open it and go inside

  i seen sherley on the bed 

"sherley" i asked

she looked up to me and the door closed i seen sherleys face and she looked unhappy 

"are you okay" i asked her but it all when black from there


"hey niall where is harry at we want to go shopping but we cant find him anywhere"zayn asked me a it worried

"ALEX!!!!" i yelled and moments later i seen she was coming down the stairs

"yes how may i help you" she said in a sweet angel voice

"we cant find harry" i said panicking

"i seen him go upstairs have you checked there" 

"yes all the room exept the forbitten one"zayn said

"GIRLS!!COME DOWN HERE!!" she yelled 

seconds later we seen all the girls where line up

"lets go see if harry is in the forbitten room the boys cant find him and i seen him go upstairs" 

we all walked up there and the girls told us to go to our rooms for safety


we when in the room after all the boys left to the room we seen harry on the floor and sherley on her bed

"you're to late he has 24 hours left of his life and he turns like all of you" she said while laughing

should we tell the boys?

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