eyes that lie

when one direction move into a house that use to be nialls great grand father but sherley doesnt appreciate them moving in... themaids been living there so they know what the house is all about ..would they tell niall and the boys about sherley? what will happen when zayn opens the forbidding door? would someone fall in love with something that is not there


3. rooms

i couldnt believe that we had a new living room set the boys and i got all of our stuff from the boxes and walked in to our own room and fixed them by the time we where done it was night time so all fell to sleep on the floor since we didnt have a bed

when i woke up i looked around me and i remember that i was in my new mansion when i looked down i seen i was in a bed and i was shocked because last night i had no bed and sleeping on the floor i walked outside and meet the boys at the living room 

"okay guys big mansion so lets explore it" zayn said and we all agreed 

i when back up stairs and seen all the door that where there so i walked up to the one in front of my room door i oped it and seen there was a bunch f hair product 

"Zayns room" i said in a whisper

i walked to the one next to zayns room and opened it 

"restroom great" i said walking out

i checked the next few room and there where just the boys there was 2 more room i havent opened so i when to the first one and open it i seen alot of bunk beds and clothes so i whent in to see whos it was but there was no pictures and no mirrors at all so i decided to walk out

"one room to go" i said walking up to it and trying to open it but it was locked

"you shouldnt open that door"i heard some one say behind me

"because that door is forbidding to open" she said once again and i turned around 

"who are you"i said to a girl around 18 years old 

"well my people around here call me scar and i work here for you" she said i extended my arm for her to shake but she just walked away

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