Destiny my bff



1. Unicorns

 Me and Destiny met in the summer of 2013 our Best Friend Anniversary  is June 13th, 2012. Well me and her have been best friends forever. Me and her we are completely mental (in a jokey way) me and her are stupid together we don't let each other do stupid things alone so we are awesome. We have been best friends for like ever anyways. We even got matching tattoos where there is half a heart on my hand and the other half on hers and when we put them together we make a full heart. We have a few tattoos she has a cross on her foot and infinity and beyond one. I have our matching ones I have a infinity symbol on my right wrist a cross on the side of my hand where Demi Lovato has hers. I have a heart music note on my waist. She has her left eyebrow pierced her right part of her nose and her right part of her lip pierced. I have my right part of my nose pierced. My right ear has a cuff at the top and I have my snakebites on my lips.  We are completely awesome. We love to sing and we actually are huge singers. and she's dating Liam Payne and I'm dating Harry Styles. I always was scared as a kid that I would lose her because I told her everything even about how I would cut when I was pissed or just because I was depressed back then from bullys but I grew up cussed them out then swithched schools that when I met Destiny and I would kill for her and do anything to keep her. I love you Destiny!!!!! -JenniBear I love you Elmo!!!!!!!-Cookie Monster

(BACK TO 2013)

I hope that me and her stay best friend through out the years because I would probably die with out her and I love her so much. And I would do anything to keep her safe and happy even if it means goin to jail for different reasons.

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