Hey im Anibell dorvel. So this is a half summery... Last year in 10th grade me and Niall horan went out. Me and him did it. but not my first time same with him. and we fell in love over the summer he changed. TOO MUCH. So i broke up with him on the first day of school and now its been a month. Can i fix him and show him the old him? Will Zayn Liam and others turn him into a monster? Only one way to find out... READ!!!


3. Niall Hallway NOW

I just left homeroom to go talk to Dylan my brother.

He lives with my mom and hes my twin brother.

"Dylan i need to talk to you about Niall..."I said. He was at his locker snogging a cheerleader.

"What Anibell cant you see im busy." He was pissed.

"STOP snogging for once and talk to me NOW" Now i was mad. Im 3 Minates older and knows so im kinda bosy to him.

"Okay See you later Babe call me." He gave his 'girlfriend' his number.

"Now what do you want to know?" he asked. Yes he chills with Niall and the other boys.

"Why does he kee-" Niall came out of homeroom to join us.

"Hey Babe! Whats up Mate?"Niall asked.

"Sup mate just talking to Anibell..." Dylan said then texted me.

Bro:What were you saying?

me:why does Niall keep trying to get with me even tho its over and he has like 100 bitches

Bro: idk maybe he loves you ask him

me: NO

Bro: fine i cant ask him or his gang would beat my arse.

"Anibell about the project Mr.Ricker said that we have to do this together so Choose a Heritage and we will work on it together" Niall said.

"Fine lets just do the Irish Heritage or some shit i dont care im going back to class Bye Dylan talk to you over the weekend." I rolled my eyes and started back to class.

I went to my seat next to Zayn.

He just passed me a note.

I think its for Niall but imma read it hahaha.

Hey Mate Anibell looks pissed what the fuck did you do this time you twat -Zayn

I Passed it to Niall.

His expression changed what the fuck?


Zayns POV


Anibell gave the note to Niall.

Niall pulled out his phone and started to text...

Niall: I did nothing Zayn and i think she read the fucking note urghhhhhhhh

Zayn:And shes just gonna think that i see shes pissed calm the fuck down mate ill get Liam in this convo

Liam: Sup guys

Niall: your behind winter did she look at my note???
Liam: yeah mate i think she did

Zayn: FUCK

Niall: Yeah fuck she has to think i dont fucking like her then she will be a badass and then be mine...

Liam: sut the fuck up man 'love' isnt worth it so at the party just Bang Roseamarie or someone you need to stop thinking adout her okay shes gone she NEVER loved you.

Zayn: Knock it OFF msybe she did and maybe she misses him WHO KNOWS okay stop picking on Niall Liam.

Those two Always fight when it comes around to talking about Anibell.

But the truth is Ani is never gonna become a badass shes a skater and kind of a stoner not a person who gos it party after party and has sex with like any guy.

NO i dont like her. She Nialls princess. But as Americans say 'Bros before hoes' right.

But Ani she is not a 'hoe' shes well Ani.

Me and Liam need to get Niall to forget about her and move on. She has shes always with Styles and the Tomlinson twins.


Anibells POV


"Okay class everyone chose their haritage they are gonna study?" Mr.Ricker asked.

"Yeah we did get on with it" Liam yelled causeing everyone but Me Harry Louis and Candis to laugh.

"We are doing the Irish heritage right Babe..." Niall whispered in my ear.

"Last time Horan im not you 'Babe' " I whispered at him.

"You know you like being called Babe Anibell just like i like to be call Ni Ni" He said. The whole class was talking.

"Shut the fuck up Niall im trying to ignore you" I spat.

"Hahaha Babe you can try but. It. Wont. Work." He laughed.

"Niall Hallway NOW." I sneered.

"Of course BABE" He got up and went in the hallway i followed. Only people who saw were Louis Candis Harry Zayn Liam and James (yes james will be involved with this story hes apart of Nialls Gang).

We were out in the hall way everyone who noticed was anyway the rest of the class are the populars and the nerds and they dont give a shit about anything.

"Niall whats your problem??" I said as i punched a locker.

"See Babe your bad who would dent a locker if they were a good girl." Niall laughed.

"Yeah im 'bad' Your the 'bad' one who got tattoos and basicly doesent care about school what so ever..." I was pissed.

"Ohh please before you were a skater you were just like this then your par-" I stoped him from talking.


"Ani calm down i didnt mean for you to go crazy..." He said. He was mad too.

"Just stop Fu-"

"DORVEL AND HORAN MY OFFICE NOW" Mrs.Andrews yelled. (Mrs.Andrews is the princable)

I glared at Niall and we started to follow Mrs.Andrew to her office.

We were next to eachother and The princeable was a good distance a head.

"This is not over yet Horan" I whispered.

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