Hey im Anibell dorvel. So this is a half summery... Last year in 10th grade me and Niall horan went out. Me and him did it. but not my first time same with him. and we fell in love over the summer he changed. TOO MUCH. So i broke up with him on the first day of school and now its been a month. Can i fix him and show him the old him? Will Zayn Liam and others turn him into a monster? Only one way to find out... READ!!!


1. Just A Normal Day


(that me in the picture just sayin... i have blond hair and blue shining eyes im as pale as a ghost)


Today was wensday i call it the best day of the week. I wore a blue shirt (my fav color). Then my worn out skinny jeans.

"ANI PLZ COME DOWN OR YOUR GONNA BE LATE FOR SCHOOL!!" My dad said. i went down and picked up my school bag.

"bye dad see you when i get home." i hugged him he knew today was the best day of the week for me so i was happy.

I walked out of the door and jumped on my new skate bored. Yes im a skater... Dont judge. As usual my best friend harry met up with me about half way there.

"Hey there Ani are you going to school?" Harry asked.

"Of course Harry where are you headed on such a lovely morning?" i joked.

"Well im headed to school too ohh look there it is!" he laughed. We hopped of our boreds and headed to our other friends.

"Hey Lou bear. and Candi whats up!" I smiled brightly.

"nothing Ni Ni how about you" Louis teased.


"Ani you know my brother is joking!!" She defended her brother.

Then i saw the bad kids coming towards us.

"Hey there Babe" Niall intruded. Everyone in my group turned ghostly white.

"Hi Niall why are you over here." I said braking the silence.

"Just to say Hi to you." he started to touch my cheek.

"dont touch her Niall" Harry hissed. then pulled Nialls hand away from my cheek.

"Fuck off Harry." then Nialls group walked a way. But Niall gave me a peice of paper.


~ Babe tell your 'boyfriend' the truth. You miss me and our memorys~


I did miss Niall but not this Niall.


~flash back to last year last day of school~


"NIALL you made it you passed." I yelled. then i kissed him.

"babe will you miss me over the summer" he asked. At this time we were together as a couple. He was so sweet and loving.

"YES how could i not Ni Ni!" i hugged him. He would be gone all summer.

"What if i was diffrent when i came back would you still love me?" he smiled.

"Yeah Ni Ni but it doesnt matter Youll still be my Ni Ni!!" I kissed him and ended up Starting a snog session.

"Well i guess you love me" he broke the kiss. I smiled.

"I do dont I?" we laughed.

"Babe i have to go home ill text you pictures of me while on my vacation." he kissed me and gave me a really big hug and went home.


~end of flash back~


I stood there harry isnt my boyfriend but he cared about me like that. I am single. But i dont want to mingle.

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