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Anesthetics by UnderRugSwept13
Rating: Mature
Chapters: 20
Characters: Lupin, Snape, Sirius, Lily, James, Regulus, Bellatrix, Narcissa, Voldemort, OC
Genre(s): Drama, Angst, Young Adult
Era: Marauders
Pairings: Snape/OC, James/Lily, Lucius/Narcissa, Snape/Lily, OC/OC


5. There's a class for this

Don't forget to check the obvious;
We are so serious.
So I guess it comes down
To how curious you can be.

We were already a few weeks into school and the September weather had taken a turn for the worst. It was a cold and dreary day, as though October was knocking at the back door. Rain showers were on and off and by the looks of the ceiling in the Great Hall, the wind was feeling particularly violent that day.

Though I had previously been mourning the fact that I didn’t get to spend any time outside for my classes, I was now commending myself for my sensible decision. There was no need to sacrifice maybe a few good days of nice weather for multiple terrible hair days- or worse, months! I could admit to being so shallow that I would rather stay indoors and look presentable than being outside in a hurricane and have my hairstyle match that.

However, I could not deny the utter disgust that gripped me at the thought of spending another Monday morning Potions class with Julien de Pontius. I liked to think that he would be more tolerable if I was already numbed by a full day of classes. But alas, I had to deal with him first thing in the morning and it was easy to admit to the fact that I was not a morning person. I sometimes hoped that I was still half-asleep by the time I got to Slughorn’s classroom so that I could effortlessly tune out Julien. But I soon discovered that that was not the case.

“Are you in the great beyond yet?” Julien’s whispered tone tickled my ear. I found myself, as usual, waiting until the last minute to get my homework done. It happened to be Divination that I had overlooked, but that subject hardly mattered to me; it was easy to make up. The only issue was the fact that I had that class next and I was supposed to be brewing some kind of potion which had to give the drinker night vision.

“I’m beyond wanting to deal with you today,” I retorted, brushing a strand of hair out of my eyes as I tried to concentrate on the open Unfogging the Future: Grade 7 on my lap, hidden beneath the desk from Slughorn. Julien laughed at this, a low, velvety sound. I did my best to ignore the chills it sent racing up my spine. As much as I wanted to call them disgusted chills, I knew that was wrong. But there was no way I was about to admit to that.

“You have a very prickly personality, my dear,” He commented, his tone light and amused.
“So I’ve been told.” Was my distracted reply as I tried to figure out what tea leaf symbol predicted death. I was also wishing a painful death on Julien too. He snickered again at this and I fought the urge to kick him underneath the table. Instead, I went with interrogation, which really wasn’t as violent as I wanted to be.
“Why are you even here?”

Score. His smirk slid off his face but then morphed into an intrigued expression as one eyebrow lifted up at me in questioning. He pondered my inquisition for a moment, tapping his chin with his index finger, and then his grin reappeared, wider than ever.
“Well when you put it so nicely...” I really hadn’t meant to get him on a tangent. I really didn’t care where he was from or why he was here. I just wanted to do my stupid homework! Maybe he’d ramble like Regulus and not notice whether or not I was actually paying any attention...

“I was home schooled up until this year,” Julien started, “But my parents became involved in a certain group, which ah...kept them busy and unable to continue personally educating me.”

By this emphasis on the word ‘group’, I knew exactly what he was speaking of. His parents were Death Eaters, and it was no more difficult than that. I rolled my eyes at this and went back to my homework, a little disappointed that his story wasn’t any more exciting than any other Slytherin’s. Plus, I wasn’t really a fan of the whole Voldemort crap.

“Oh.” Was all I said, glancing back down at my textbook. Julien looked a little taken aback by my less than enthusiastic response. Maybe he’d thought I’d hang all over him like the other Slytherin girls did after he’d spun this yarn to them.
“What?” He questioned, as though suddenly offended by my attitude. I almost laughed; I had been insulting him everyday at least a dozen times a day since school had started. And he was only offended now? The idea was simply ludicrous.
“I’m just not all that interested in Voldemort,” I said lightly, waving my hand dismissively. Julien opened his mouth to retort but Slughorn made his appearance.

“Tut, tut Miss Black! Your potion hasn’t turned the midnight blue that its supposed to yet.” Slughorn clicked his tongue at the sight of my still fuchsia-colored concoction. The consistency was no where near right either but words didn’t need to be said for us to agree on that front. I instinctually scooted my stool closer to the table so that my Divination book and homework was hidden from his view. Slughorn shook his head, disappointed, “Slacking, I see?” He inquired, busy eyebrows raised so high that it almost looked as though he had hair on his shiny, bald head.
“No sir,” I replied coolly, “Just making conversation with the new student. You know, like you wanted me to.”

Slughorn stared at me for a moment, drinking in my sweet defense. He then looked over at Julien to find, to my great surprise as well, Julien nodding with a smile on his face.
“Right sir, Capella was informing me about Hogwarts. I guess we got a little off track,” He lied easily with a little laugh, indicating with open palms at our miserable versions of the potion. His potion was a strange shade of neon orange but he continued, “Potion-making is usually a gift to me. I received an ‘Outstanding’ on my O.W.L. you know.” Why was this kid covering for me? I shook my head infinitesimally like a dog ridding its ears of water, unsure about what exactly I was hearing.

Again, Slughorn gave Julien the look of a hungry toad spotting a particularly large fly. It was clear to me that Slughorn not only liked Julien’s talent but also his charisma. I was also sure that Slughorn believed, like most of us did, that Julien had friends in high places. And Slughorn loved that.

“Yes...well of course! So sorry- I’m sure its quite difficult on you, the transition. And I must say, Miss Black can be quite charming!” I heard Sirius cough loudly in skepticism from somewhere in the room; its not like Slughorn was actually being quiet either. Julien continued to grin. “I’ll just leave you two to it, then. But I expect better work next time!” Slughorn finished, wagging a finger at us but also winking. With that, he continued his rounds around the classroom.

“In case you were wondering, the symbol of a scythe brings warning of death,” Julien said after our encounter with Sluggy. I glanced over at him quickly, shocked by his sudden answer to the homework question I’d been trying to answer for the past twenty minutes. I didn’t even know that he could see the questions that clearly. Clearly I needed to learn to hide my books better. But I found him to have his attention not on me but his brewing potion, “And the symbol of a guitar means romance on the horizon.”

“I knew that,” I said automatically, narrowing my eyes. That, however, was a big fat lie. Julien turned to me as though he sensed the lack of truth in my vindication. He leaned in so close to me, I could feel his breath on my ear as he whispered,
“I wasn’t talking about your homework.”



“You and de Pontius were getting cozy.” I knew at once from his tone that Severus was not pleased. Truth be told, Severus was never pleased and his voice always sounded as though he were lethal, but due to the seven-and-counting years that I had been stuck with him, I was able to discern the minuscule difference that made me sure that he was pissed.

I now found myself stuck in Transfiguration with an armadillo sleeping on my desk, for I had not yet made any efforts to transform in into a komodo dragon. Fortunately, McGonagall had not decided that she was going to rearrange us and Severus and I were at our usual table in the back corner of class. Julien was seated, thank God, closer to the front of the class and was facing the delightful personas of the Marauders, who were sitting nearby.

I mechanically bridled at his timbre. What right did he have to assume anything about me and Julien? Not to mention the fact that he was horribly wrong.
“Not that its your business, but there’s nothing between Julien and I.” I sneered. I felt a little remorseful that I was actually trying to be cruel. However, this guilt was short-lived as I only seemed to add fuel to Severus’ flame.
“Oh, so now its ‘Julien and I’?-”
“Why should it matter to you?” I tried to keep my voice down and I was thankful for the ruckus the Marauders were creating at the front of the classroom.

Sirius and James, who had smartly named their armadillos Fillmore and Martin, were trying to get the two to duel. However, all that Fillmore, Sirius’ project, wanted to do was sniff the desk. This was a little less amusing than James’ pet, Martin, who had decided to defecate on the table. Both boys seemed to find this terribly amusing. However, this was the least of the action taking place.

Apparently Peter had frightened his armadillo so much that it had curled up into a ball and refused to cooperate; I thought Sirius would die from laughter. It appeared that Remus Lupin had given up on his partner and now Lily Evans was attempting to coax the little animal out of its defensive stance, but her labors were futile. I saw James, who was seated at the table behind Lupin and Pettigrew, reach forward and give the balled-up animal a nudge with the tip of his wand. The enclosed armadillo rolled off the desk, earning James a reprimand from Evans. Had the current circumstances been brighter with Severus, I would have cracked a smile as the armadillo propelled itself, rather quickly, out of the open classroom door.

“He’s dodgy,” Severus said, glaring at the back of Julien’s head. The old saying ‘if looks could kill’ popped into my head and I fought the desire to either laugh or scoff. I went with the latter.

“Just a jerk,” I defended, “Like the rest of the people in this world.” Severus merely rolled his dark eyes, “Its not like you’re the only person that I can stand to be around for five minutes,” I barked, annoyed by his attitude, “But I’m not really sure of that now.”

Severus didn’t respond, but kept staring at the back of Julien’s head. James Potter was bewitching the feces that his armadillo had secreted on his table to float in midair. Though Severus was James’ usual target, I noticed that he was aiming for Julien’s head instead. I saw a devious smile tugging at the corner of Severus’ lips at this. But just as it was about to hit Julien, I quickly transfigured it into a paper airplane, which was less messy.

I had one look of shock, two looks of rage and one relatively dashing expression thrown at me. Severus’ face matched Sirius’ (who was, of course, Potter’s partner in crime for the whole ordeal) and I thought that combined, they would burn holes into my skin. I guess James was just shocked that one of his pranks didn’t work and Julien had just assumed that I was passing love notes to him in class. All the same, I replied each of those expressions with a glare and mouthed a bitchy, ‘What?’ in their general direction.

James frowned and turned away from me at McGonagall’s bark that he ‘pay attention’. Sirius huffed and dramatically turned around as well. Severus let out a hiss of fury and childishly scooted his chair as far away from mine as the table we shared would permit.

Julien, on the other hand, had a completely different response to my action. He threw me an enticing smile and wiggled his eyebrows for added effect. He even had the gall to blow a kiss at me, which immediately killed the mood. Believe it or not, I had actually felt a little bit amiable towards him. Until then. I audibly huffed and turned away, silently berating myself for saving him from humiliation at all. He was still a jerk.

Severus fumed for the rest of class. I didn’t understand what he was so angry about. Julien was a Slytherin, wasn’t he? It wasn’t like I was cavorting with a Marauder or one of his other sworn enemies. It was absolutely ridiculous for him to have this type of overreaction. Had the Marauders been throwing poo at some soul from another House (as if they had a vendetta against any other House but Slytherin), I would have let them do it and laugh out loud at them...brashly, might I add.

I refused to think that Severus was jealous. What did he have to be jealous of? Julien was an acquaintance, a comrade if you will. He wasn’t about to become my best buddy for life or anything. But could I really even consider Severus my best friend? We really only associated with each other because we couldn’t stand anyone else. Is that really considered a friend?

The greater question was why did I care what Severus thought? He didn’t own me! I could do whatever I so pleased. I didn’t need his permission just to talk to someone. Again, he was being unreasonable.

Julien was clearly interested in me. Why? I had no idea. But for once...I wasn’t so sure that I didn’t care. For someone to show such an interest in me was a new phenomenon. I couldn’t really lie and say that I hated the attention either. Julien put up with my attitude; he never got offended or anything, which was relatively new. He thought my wit was entertaining and actually liked to push my buttons. It was annoying, true, but I liked it.

I found myself eating my own words and admitting to the fact that I was actually falling for someone.

This was really going to be something.

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