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Anesthetics by UnderRugSwept13
Rating: Mature
Chapters: 20
Characters: Lupin, Snape, Sirius, Lily, James, Regulus, Bellatrix, Narcissa, Voldemort, OC
Genre(s): Drama, Angst, Young Adult
Era: Marauders
Pairings: Snape/OC, James/Lily, Lucius/Narcissa, Snape/Lily, OC/OC


4. Purgatorying


Entertain me,
For the tenth hour in a row again.
Anesthetize me with your gossip,
And many random anecdotes.

The one thing I was sure that I absolutely despised about Hogwarts: waking up early. I groaned into my pillows as the girls in my dormitory bustled about, making an inordinate amount of noise. Honestly, how long did it take for them to get ready? Hours, it seemed! All you really needed to do was get up and get dressed...why should that take two hours? I guess that they actually cared what people (more specifically, boys) thought about them. Shallow, shallow'll just end up old and wrinkly in the end.

The emerald curtains around my bed hardly kept out the ruckus; I could still hear their high-pitched squealing about how good he looked this year, or scoffs at the boys who accidentally got uglier over the summer. Rolling my eyes, I prepared myself to get out of bed.

They were all exactly as I remembered them to be last year. True, I didn't really know any of the girls that I shared a room with, but that meant little to me. I recognized them, if that counted at all; two blondes, a brunette and one with auburn hair. Nothing else really mattered, I didn't waste my time with small talk unless it involved a missing book or the whereabouts of Severus (which they rarely knew). Other than the minimal time I spent with them in the morning and at night, I hardly found the need to get close with them. They were all as self-centered as the rest of us.

"Oooh, have you seen that new Julien guy?" One of the blondes gushed to the auburn-girl as I forced my hangings open. They paid no notice to me as usual and continued to swoon.
"He is gorgeous!" The brunette called from the bathroom, overhearing her friends’ conversation. I had the strong urge to scoff, eavesdropping was customary with lively adolescent girls and there was no such thing as privacy.

They all giggled in unison, curls bouncing and lip gloss shimmering.
"I wonder what his story is." The other blonde prompted as she tugged her robes over her head.
"I don't know, but I wouldn't mind getting to know him a little better!" The brunette said vulgarly as she exited the bathroom, giving her friends a raunchy wink. Again, they all twittered in harmony.

Not wanting to have to witness another moment of their girlish antics, I pulled my robes on, ran a brush through my hair and brushed my teeth before dashing away down the spiral staircase to the common room.

Severus was waiting for me in one of the black leather armchairs, writing in his Potions book again. Though he would never admit that he was waiting for me, the idea made me smug. Whether or not we liked it, we had each other. And that was, frankly, better than no one.

"Took you long enough," He sneered as I approached him. I shrugged easily, ignoring his morning attitude though it barely contrasted with any other attitude he usually had.
"Just bonding with my precious roommates," I countered, hitching my school bag over my shoulder. He sniggered at this, knowing how I detested their immature antics.
"Did they give you a makeover as well?" Severus asked in a honeyed tenor. I followed his cynicism and added with a wide smile,
"And filled me in on all the juicy gossip."
"As per usual," Severus agreed as we set off through the portrait hole and towards the Great Hall for breakfast.

We strolled in silence for a while, listening to the snippets of conversation of our housemates, which echoed throughout the dungeon as they too made their way to breakfast. Severus sighed beside be and I hitched my bag higher still over my shoulder.

"That Pontius kid is popular," I commented. Snape's frown deepened.
"So I've heard."
"You don't like him?" I teased, though the acid was still present. He snorted in response, saying,
"What do I care?" I nodded in accord.
"My thoughts exactly."

By the time we made it to the Great Hall, Slughorn was already handing out timetables to the Slytherins. Across the hall, I saw the other three Heads of Houses doing the same. Sirius' sly grin also caught my eyes, but I ignored this and continued to my own table.

Regulus was already seated with a brooding expression and I took my usual spot beside him. I then noticed the absence of Julien de Pontius after considering Regulus' glare. Looking a few spaces down, I saw him with all the 'admired' Slytherins and a whole gaggle of girls swooning beside him. I could recognize all of my roommates in that group.
"Where's your new best friend?" I asked sweetly. Regulus looked over at me, his glower darkening at my mocking tone.
"The new Mr. Popular apparently," Severus answered from beside me, his lips twitching to a devious smile as he observed Julien as well.
"I don't want to talk about it," Regulus rejoined hotly. Though this was the first time I had ever heard Regulus say these words and I wanted to bask in the moment, I could not help but push his buttons further. However, Severus beat me to it.
"You don't have to. We can all see that you're distraught over the fact that your new disciple gained a popularity that you could only dream of in less than twenty-four hours. If he wasn't so high-ranking over me on the celebrity scale, I'd congratulate him on his achievement."

I could have died right at that moment, I was laughing so hard. And that seemed to be imminent since Regulus had a murderous look upon his face now. Severus sat conceitedly, proud with his insult, and totally indifferent to Regulus' new level of rage.
"Shut up!" Regulus seethed at me as my eyes began to well up with tears. I turned to Severus, disregarding my younger cousin completely.
"Cheers, Snape. That was quite impressive."
"Oh, indeed," Regulus snapped back.

The three of us sat without talking for a few minutes. Regulus was still pissed and stabbing at his breakfast; I'm not sure whether he was envisioning his impaled pancakes to have the face of Julien, Severus or myself. I’d hoped it was the latter.

"Ah! Snape, Black and Miss Black! Glad to see your merry faces!" No one else but Slughorn could have mistaken the ever present expression of solemnity on my face for merriness. But then again, Slughorn wasn't the brightest of people.

"Woo," Regulus replied unenthusiastically as he took his schedule from Sluggy, who didn't catch the sarcasm. I took one look at my timetable and suppressed a groan.
"I'll see you two first thing this morning!" Slughorn said, winking to Severus and I as he continued passing out schedules. I had to battle the urge not to flash him a very rude hand gesture.

"That'll be fun," I said, my tone not even close to matching my words. Severus' forehead had creased as he looked over his timetable, his sneer gradually becoming more pronounced.
"We have Potions first thing with the Gryffindors." I rolled my eyes, pushing away my breakfast plate.

My gaze traveled upward, taking in the soft pink that the morning sky was and how it was slowly fading to a radiant blue. It was obviously going to be a gorgeous day; unfortunately, I would not have the chance to enjoy it at all, seeing that none of my courses were outside. Silently, I cursed myself for not continuing Care of Magical Creatures so I could be outdoors, but soon remembered that I was partial to having all of my limbs.

However, upon looking up at the ceiling, I also noticed the most peculiar site. There was a jar of honey floating directly above Severus' head in a rather menacing way. I quickly looked around to see that everyone else's gaze was transfixed on the condiment and that the only person who was unaware of it's airborne status was, in fact, Severus. Having been relatively shocked to see floating honey, I decided then that it was best to gather my bearings and warn my housemate.
"Sev-" But alas, I was too late.

"AARGH!" I cringed as Severus jumped from his seat upon being hit directly with the floating honey. It covered his head in a glossy shell, dripping down his face and onto his robes. The entire Great Hall erupted with laughter and I was even a tad bit disappointed to see that a few Slytherins had as well.

Instantly upon standing up, Severus wheeled over in the direction that the laughter was the loudest. Naturally, he came to find the Marauder's pointing and laughing at him with extra zest. I thought Sirius was going to wet his pants, the volume he was cackling! I scowled at them, as Severus did, but they hardly took notice of this. My gaze quickly swept over them and found Lily Evans beside Potter, her face somewhere between what was supposed to be a stern expression and a smile.

Before I had time to register much else, Severus was already out of the Great Hall.



"I don't want to talk about it," Severus instantaneously hissed at me as I took a seat beside him in Potions. I cocked one of my eyebrows, glaring at his hunched figure as he scribbled in his textbook.
"Like I care to talk about it."

Slughorn entered the room, emanating his usual walrus-like, jovial glow. His gray mustache bristled overtop of his smile as he gazed around the room at us all, taking in his favorite students as though he were a spider and they were something juicy to eat. I noticed his eyes only did a cursory sweep over Snape and I; us not really being up to his specifications as far as social standings go. The 'Slug Club' was ridiculous; it was one thing to be stereotyped out by your teenage peers or auctioned off to a pureblood by your maniac parents, but it was an entirely different matter for a teacher to write you off merely because you don’t have the right 'connections'. Though Slughorn was the head of my House, I only had to like him because of that. Other than that tiny detail, Slughorn was kind of an ass.

"Well, well, well!" He started in his loud, booming voice. Again he did a panoramic of the room, his grin widening, "Hope you all had good summers, my beloved seventh-years!"

There was a general murmur of agreement, or something that sounded like that. Snape made no noise at all and I rolled my eyes. Slughorn then began to tut his tongue as he, for the third time, looked at everyone.

"The same seating chart every year!" He said in his vociferous, overdramatic tenor. No one laughed, though I was sure he was expecting it. To be frank, I didn't believe anyone was paying attention to a word he was saying, "Looks like I'll have to change that!" And that's about when the slew of profanities started in my mind.

"Miss MacDonald, I want you there with Pettigrew- yes, right there. Nott go with Miss Luclare...don't give me that look, Luclare. Miss Evans, kindly take that seat beside Miss Meadowes. Lupin with Macnair..."

Slughorn continued with his rearranging until he finally got to me and Severus.
"Snape, I want you with...Potter." I could feel Severus' complete and utter rage radiating off of him as he roughly took up his school bag and stomped over to sit with James Potter, slamming his textbook on the table much to Potter's amusement. It was then that Slughorn turned to me, a mischievous smirk on his face.

"Miss Black...sit down Sirius-" Slughorn barked as Sirius comically stood at attention upon hearing 'Black', a few people chuckled but my face remained set. "Yes, Miss Black, I want you with...Mr. Pontius."
"That would be de Pontius."

Julien de Pontius had just strode into the dungeon classroom, his already-customary smirk on his handsome features. While Slughorn’s attention was on the new arrival, I mimed gagging at the sight of Julien, which made his wicked grin widen. This kid was so asking for it.

"Quite right, quite right, Mr. de Pontius," Slughorn corrected himself, having already took a shine to Julien. Slughorn’s beady eyes became transfixed on Julien as though Slughorn were just itching to initiate Julien into the Slug Club. Julien was basking in the attention as well for every Slytherin girl was practically melting at the sight of him. Then, Sluggy turned to me, a meaningful look on his face now that he had snapped out of his trance,
"Miss Black, I'm sure you'll be so kind as to accept Mr. de Pontius here at Hogwarts and make him feel right at home." The look on Julien's face as he took his seat beside me told me that he was thinking the exact same thing.

Sirius mimed vomiting from his seat across the room from me as I had done earlier but Julien's eyes were only on me. And, for once, I totally agreed with Sirius.

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