A New Change

Best Friends Or Two Lovers? Harry Styles Just So Has Fallen For His Best Friend, Emily. She's The Girl Wanted By Every Guy. She Has Some Deep & Dark Secrets That She Shares With Some. Does Harry Have Competition? Especially When He Thinks She Loves Him?...


2. School

Chapter 1: 
It's The First Day Of Senior Year! I Sit On My Bed With Frustration. "What To Wear?!" I Drop My Head Onto The Bed And Hope. The Door Opens A Bit More Than It Was Before. I Lift My Head And My Cat Runs In. As I Attempt To Grab Her, I Hear My Name Being Called. "Coming!" I Yell As I Walk Down The Stairs Slowly. My Brother's Baby Sitter/House Maid/Best Friend At Home Approaches Me With A Box In Her Hand. "Go Try It On." She Says. I Let Out A Little Scream And Run Upstairs Before My Brother Can Hog The Bathroom. I Look In The Mirror When I'm Done Changing. "Oh My God!" I Twirl In The Dress. I Put My Hands Over My Mouth In Awe. "OPEN UP!" Your Brother Yells. I Grab My Clothes And Open The Door. I Drop My Stuff In My Room And Run To Christina, Who Gave Me The Dress. I Hug Christina So Tight, For A Second, She Couldn't Breathe. Oops. She Pats My Back And Tells Me To Get Fully Ready. I Run Back Up And Go Get My Makeup Done And Start To Curl My Hair. I Wear My Black Flats And Some Light Jewelry. "Done!" I Exclaim. I Walk Down To Find Some Money And A Note. 'Here's $200 For Emily. Don't Spend It All. Go Shopping. Have Fun Sweetie(:' I Smile And Put The Money In My Hand Bag. I Check The Time And Run Out Grabbing My Phone Last Minute. On The Way To School I Pick Up Some StarBucks. "One Caramel Frap Extra Caramel Please." I Quickly Pay For My Drink And Leave. "Off To School," I Think. I Blast The Radio. I Sing Along To All The Songs. Finally, I'm At School. With A Surprise...

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