A New Change

Best Friends Or Two Lovers? Harry Styles Just So Has Fallen For His Best Friend, Emily. She's The Girl Wanted By Every Guy. She Has Some Deep & Dark Secrets That She Shares With Some. Does Harry Have Competition? Especially When He Thinks She Loves Him?...


1. Prologue


Dear Diary,

I Know He's My Best Friend And All, But I Can Never See Myself Falling For Him. I'm Not Insecure About Myself, It's Just That I Don't Think We're Meant To Be Together. I Mean, Otherwise, Why Would We Have Stayed Friends Since First Grade?! Because We're Meant To Be Friends!!! Well, I'm Not Sure What To Tell Him? Yes? No? I Don't Wanna Hurt Him, But I Don't Wanna Fake Loving Him... What Should I Do?  Love, ♡Emily♡

You Close Your Diary And Check Your Phone.

Texts: Harry: G'morn Beaut (:

Me: Heyy  Harry: What's Wrong? You Seem Glum. Is It About What I Said? 

Me: No. I'm Just A Little Tired

Before Harry Could Text Back, You Turned Your Read Message Sign Off.

Harry: Do You Have an Answer Yet?

Harry Edward Styles, Your Best Friend-Ever Since You Could Remember. You Can't Tell Him You Don't Love Him, But You Can't Tell Him You Do.  <><><><><>•<><><><><>

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