A New Change

Best Friends Or Two Lovers? Harry Styles Just So Has Fallen For His Best Friend, Emily. She's The Girl Wanted By Every Guy. She Has Some Deep & Dark Secrets That She Shares With Some. Does Harry Have Competition? Especially When He Thinks She Loves Him?...


7. Oops

Chapter 5: 
"Oh No!" I Yelled And All Of The People Started To Stare. I Turned From Them And Started To Call Harry. 
Me: Oh My God, Harry! Sorry! I Texted You That I Was Canceling Sleeping At Your House, But It Didn't Send! 
Harry: *Laughs* It's Alright, Em. No Worries. But Where'd You Go Last Night?
Me: Oh, Right. Last Night. I Went To Ryan's Place. About That-
The Phone Call Ends. 

**Harry's Point Of View** 

The Phone Dropped, But I Just Keep Walking. 'Why Can't You Just Love Me?!" I Fell On My Knees, Just Before The Door. My Mother, Anne, Comes In And I Dry My Tears. I Stand Up And Give Her A Huge Hug. "What's Wrong Harry?" I Crossed My Fingers, "Oh Nothing, Just Working On My Acting, You Know?" She Patted My Back. I'm Not That Good Of A Liar, But I'm Glad My Mother Doesn't Realize That. I Grab My The Keys And My Back Pack And Walk Out. I Regret Driving. Thats When I Had The Accident....

So, When I Left My House, I Got Distracted By Emily So Much I Had Pictures Of What She Could've Been Doing Last Night. "It's Ok." I Whispered To Myself Under My Breath. I Kept Walking On And Accidentally Bumped Into The Fence. Oops. Some Girls Walked By And Giggled. They Walked On, Then Came Back. When I Was Outside My Car, The Blonde Girl Asked For My Autograph. I Accidentally Signed Emily's Name. Before Anyone Could Read It, I Crossed It And Signed It, Smiled, And Gave The Note Pad Back. I Went In My Car, Yet Even More Love Drunk.

And When I Came On The Freeway, Because I Obviously Didn't Pay Attention To Where I Was Going, I Was Just Driving And The Car Next To Me, Bumped Me. My Car Was Pushed To The Right And Then Upside Down. And Everything Went Black From There.  

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