Comedy; My Life

"FIGHT!" Some random kid yells.

"Where?" We all say to watch it as if it's a new movie

"OVER THERE!" Then you see all the nerds, smarties, baddies, and other kids stand up on the cafeteria tables

"FIGHT, FIGHT, FIGHT..." We all scream while you see deans screaming and yelling.

Then there's the fire alarm being set off... *beep* *beep* *beep* (and our fire alarm is crappy loud cause it's sets off alarms of all different pitched tones.)

*everyone starts running out the exits like a herd of elephants screaming* (including the kids who were fighting)


3. TV; Really?

I'm 13, but I still like watching Disney. Well, love to still watch Disney, ...and Cartoon Network. When I watch shows like "The Regular Show" and "Jessie" I see dozens of non rated 'G' scenes.

So, I'm watching "The Regular Show" and all I hear is Mordecai telling Rigby "Your gonna piss me off man!" What!? I lean over to my 5 year old sister next to ma and cover her ears. Slightly after the scene commercial break comes on and I hear my baby sister repeating the scene  "Your gonna piss me off man..." I then turn and stare at her for a while and say "Don't ever tell mommy you said that, Ok?" "Ok..."  She says softly. I know now why my mom tells me not to watch that channel... lol this is true... your probably btfu right now aren't you?

Disney Channel; Disney throws so many actors off their shows for DUI's and what not, but they don't realize what their showing kids. 

"Jessie"- 10 year old kid is in love with a 20 year old, and they have some 'connection' (dating someone who is 50 while your 20.)

"Good Luck Charlie"- Teaching little kids to disobey your parents, and do whatever you want... (teaching kids to drop out of school, and don't go to college.)

"Shake it up"- Dance however you want and think you can do whatever you want and get away with it even though your mom's a cop... (let's be a stripper when we grow up and think you will never be thrown in jail.)

And so on...

What's wrong with this world? Seriously?

When I was little "Hannah Montana" actually taught lessons but then Miley Cyrus is the biggest... not going to say the word.... on earth. 

Authors Note. If you have any ideas or topics you would like to see written about please comment below the topic and any ideas to go with it. I would really appreciate it. Thank You guys so Much!


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