Comedy; My Life

"FIGHT!" Some random kid yells.

"Where?" We all say to watch it as if it's a new movie

"OVER THERE!" Then you see all the nerds, smarties, baddies, and other kids stand up on the cafeteria tables

"FIGHT, FIGHT, FIGHT..." We all scream while you see deans screaming and yelling.

Then there's the fire alarm being set off... *beep* *beep* *beep* (and our fire alarm is crappy loud cause it's sets off alarms of all different pitched tones.)

*everyone starts running out the exits like a herd of elephants screaming* (including the kids who were fighting)


5. "Love"; Crushes, Boyfriends and Breakups...

This topic is fairly long. One reason is because there is so much ish I've seen go on under these topics. The second reason everyone has seen at least one situation. Anyways, I seem to get off topic alot. Just like just now.


Anyways, repeating myself, crushes are pointless. Noticing the reference from the last chapter yet? Yup ^.^ Ya did. Note the sarcasm. I'm only in seventh freakin grade and everywhere you look through my school you see either someone kissing the opposite gender, holding hands with the opposite gender or flirting with the opposite gender.

So the people who have crushes and can't get "no one" cause there apparently "ugly" are depressed... First off. No one is Ugly. Second off. Stop hatin' on those who are single, cause it just means they know how to "behave" besides a person of the opposite sex. Now don't laugh you immature ten year olds who just saw the word 'sex' cause it means many different things. Geez, my sarcasm gets out of hand sometimes...

Back to the topic at hand guyzz... People who are single and have crushes I'm saying that is perfectly normal and perfectly OKAY. Don't think that your ugly and shouldn't have crushes. IT'S OKAY! ITS SUPPOSED TO BE THAT WAY!!!

And for those who are taken and has a crush. Freakin' realize your life. You already have a boyfriend who loves you dearly and now your all up someone elses behind? Like wtf? See the freakin' light! Anyways (I sadly say that alot because i don't like using other words but yea...)  And ANYWAYS...! People who actually have a boyfriend I'm not hating or anything cause I'd like one too but yea... You don't nessarily need one...


For those girls who say "I NEED a boyfriend" or "I love him so much..." Seriously you don't know what iit s. Only 16 and up on the "love" package knows what "love" is. We don't know what "Happily Ever After is..." That is basically 2 decades away...

So "love" is not for 16 and under... We are supposed to be watching Disney Channel or be playing  outside with our little soccor balls or some ish but yaee.... this chapter was not really that long but yeaa...


Emoticon Party!!!







I need mental help...



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