Comedy; My Life

"FIGHT!" Some random kid yells.

"Where?" We all say to watch it as if it's a new movie

"OVER THERE!" Then you see all the nerds, smarties, baddies, and other kids stand up on the cafeteria tables

"FIGHT, FIGHT, FIGHT..." We all scream while you see deans screaming and yelling.

Then there's the fire alarm being set off... *beep* *beep* *beep* (and our fire alarm is crappy loud cause it's sets off alarms of all different pitched tones.)

*everyone starts running out the exits like a herd of elephants screaming* (including the kids who were fighting)


4. Friends; Best Friend Drama and Not-so-friend Drama

Ok, so I'm not one of those friends who go on and tell rumors and whatnot but I see it go on ALOT. More than usual. Not the freaky little kid crap like "Oh she said that!" and "She never talks to me." And other shit like that. Nope. Not at all. The situations I see go on are far too much and worse and they are pointless. It makes no sense but It can get pretty intense.

Sooo, my best friend Taylor, (aka @taylor_powers_) is in all of that shiz. Her friends are crazy, to the point where her best friend's boyfriend walks her home shirtless flirting with her endlessly. So true, it actually happened today. And so on and so forth. So tomorrow at school Miss. Shirtless Boy's girlfriend will come up to me tomorrow in homeroom and be all up on me and be like...


"So I heard Taylor was with my boyfriend."


"Well, she got to hop off, or I'm about to mess her up..."

"Yup, that's the same thing I told her, but she does not listen." *smh*

"Yeaa... just tell her."



And end of convo. Now Mr. Shirtless was the one that was walking Taylor home, and he's the one that took off his shirt and then he's the one that was flirting with her! What kinda freakin' thing is that!? See pointless drama.



Another pointless thing that happened today, was me about to cuss out some girl. These are the events.


"Hey you know Maria, your sister gets on my f**kin' nerves!"

"Leave her alone, b*cth." I answer.

"Ohhh maaa gaawwwdd!" *then she does a little sassy walk away.


One word. POINTLESS. And wtf? She was the one that threatened my li' sista. Later that day.


"Ohh maa gaawwdd, that girl gets on my nerves!!"She complains. Then my face turns to positive to Mr. Freakin' Magneto from whats it called... X-men. I'm pissed. First off; STOP THE FRICK COMPLAINING! Second off; STOP BEING A BIISH! And Third off; STOP USING GOD'S NAME IN VAIN!

Then i sarcastically get up pissed and answer back... "OHHHH MAAA GAAASSSHHH" (Note: Not using God's name in vain) Then everyone looks at my pissed face and I go over and sit with sixth graders like nothing happened. 




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