Afraid *Luke Hemmings FanFic*

*5 Seconds of summer fanfic*

Ashlie has an overprotective dad. but when he is on a two week trip she meets Luke. Instantly she is in love but is also afraid. With her recently broken heart she doesn't want to hurt again. Can Luke fix that?



Luke's POV:

After we ate our breakfast Ashlie and I decided to go shopping.

We raced upstairs to our room and got dressed in decent clothes. "Ready?" I asked after she had finished brushing her hair. She nodded and we walked downstairs hand in hand.


At the mall Jason and John were surprised by how no one really recognized us. And if they did they let Ashlie and I have time alone. As Ashlie was trying on some shirts I pulled out my phone and tweeted:

@Luke5SOS: thanks everyone for letting ashlie and i have a day alone how about a follow spree? RT THIS!!!

My phone blew up with mentions and retweets. I set my phone in my pocket. I'll do it later.

Ashlie's POV:

I made a face at the shirt I was wearing and pulled it off replacing it with my old one.

"UUUGGHHHH" I sighed as I stepped out of the changing room. Luke looked up from his phone "Everything okay babe?" He asked. I shook my head "American fashions are so weird. I don't look good in anything." I pouted plopping down on a cushioned bench. Luke's phone kept vibrating in his pocket. I frowned and poked the square shape in his jeans "Someone is desperately trying to get a hold of you." I said. He smiled "They are retweets. I'm doing a follow spree."

I smiled as we stood up. We walked out of American Eagle and across the way to Starbucks. Luke paid for our drinks and we sat in a booth outside with Jason four booths away. We sipped our drinks and just looked around. Luke held my hand out on the table and a lot of old people smiled at us as they passed. I nodded to a few while Luke just stared at my face.

I giggled and frowned at the same time "What?"

He shrugged "You are just really beautiful." He said. A couple in their 50's stopped by our table. The old woman bent down by my ear "He's a looker love. Hold onto him." She whispered and winked then walked away. I smiled and Luke kissed my hand.

He is soooo sweet.


Calum's POV:

"I AM SO GONNA KILL HIM!" I shouted for the fifth time. Ashton tapped my knee lightly with his drum stick "Relax lad. He'll be here." He said. I sat further away form him. How could Luke do this to us?! We were meant to be writing with Alex five minutes ago and he was late! Just as I was about to have another outburst Luke came in the room with a smile "Hey lads." HE said cheerfully. I stood up fist clenched "WHERE THE HELL HAVE YOU BEEN LUCAS?!" I shouted at him. He looked taken back at my outburst. He jabbed a thumb at his back "With Ashlie?" He said but it came out as a question. My hands started to shake. "This band obviously doesn't mean as much to you as it does to us." I spat. It was scary to watch Luke's face go form happy to confused then understanding then completely pissed.

"WELL EXCUSE ME CALUM FUCKING HOOD THAT I HAVE A GIRLFRIEND I WANNA SPEND TIME WITH. OKAY THIS BAND CAN'T BE 100% MY LIFE. Ashlie needs my attention at times also." I stated pissed off. Just then Alex walked in "Hey guys sorry I'm late." I looked at Calum and jabbed a finger in his face "You yelled at me for being late when he wasn't even here yet."

Calum's face softened a bit "L-Luke I'm sorry. I thought he was in the room already. We couldn't go in without you though bro. " I frowned and followed behind Ashton into the room.


WOW TENSION HAHA it gets better xxxxx i wanna try ending this at around 30 chapters so 5 more to go thanks for hanging around!

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